Texas smuggling suspect jumps from moving U-Haul carrying illegal immigrants during police chase

The driver of a U-Haul van with illegal immigrants bailed out of the vehicle as it was moving during a police chase last week in Texas, authorities said.

A trooper with the Department of Public Safety was chasing the storage company vehicle Friday on Route 90 in Kinney County, which sits on the southern border with Mexico, according to a DPS dashcam video.

During the chase, the driver exits the van while still in drive, according to the footage. The van moves up a curb and crashes into a parked pickup truck.


The driver of a van with eight illegal immigrants tried escaping as the vehicle was still moving before it crashed into a parked truck, Texas authorities said.
(Texas Department of Public Safety)

He is eventually taken into custody a short time later. Authorities said eight illegal immigrants were inside the van. They were handed over to the U.S. Border Patrol.

In July 2022, Kinney County and officials from nearby municipalities declared an “invasion” related to the record numbers of migrants coming into their communities.

“We want America to know that this is real,” Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan told reporters in Bracketville at the time. “The Biden administration won’t do a thing about it. They could stop this thing this hour. They could stop it now. They don’t have the guts.”

Texas officials have taken it upon themselves to combat the surge in migrants through increased border security and bussing migrants to so-called sanctuary cities in other parts of the country to bring attention to the matter.

The number of migrant encounters at the southern border is expected to exceed 250,000 in December, sources told Fox News.

On Tuesday, the National Border Patrol Council, which represents rank-and-file border agents, criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for not doing enough to address illegal immigration.


“If you were given a job 2 years ago with the explicit goal of reducing illegal immigration, and then you sit around and do nothing while illegal immigration explodes to levels never seen before, you should be fired and replaced. Period,” the union tweeted.