EXCLUSIVE: Newly elected GOP congressional candidate George Santos on his ‘historic win on Long Island’

FIRST ON FOX: George Santos, the GOP candidate who flipped the House seat in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, spoke to Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview about his “winning message” and his plans for the New York district come January.

“This isn’t about me. This isn’t about the Democrats. This isn’t about my opponent. This is about the people. I want to talk to the people,” Santos said of making New Yorkers the primary focus of his campaign. “And I’m proud that I stuck to that because that was a winning message. And we got a decisive victory, a 16-point swing, a historic win on Long Island.”

Santos defeated Democratic challenger Robert Zimmerman, the candidate who was trying to ensure the House seat was kept blue. The matchup marked the first time two openly gay men ran against each other in a congressional election.

As a lifelong New Yorker, the GOP candidate focused his campaign messaging on tackling crime, strengthening border security and cutting taxes. Santos had a 9-point lead when The Associated Press called the race.


Republican candidate George Santos won the race for New York’s 3rd Congressional District.
(Mary Altaffer)

The GOP congressman-elect told Fox News Digital why he believes he ultimately prevailed in a historically blue state. “I was talking to the people, to the everyday man and woman. What keeps them up at night? How am I paying my mortgage? How am I paying my rent? How am I going to pay my light, my gas? Am I going to feed my kids? That’s people’s minds,” he said.


“They couldn’t defend Joe Biden’s agenda, nor do they have a plan to combat his agenda. Instead of putting themselves in the precarious position of discussing issues that they know he would have the hand up on, they tried to distract the electorate by talking about issues like abortion,” Santos said of the Democrats going all in on abortion this cycle. “Nothing changed with the Dobbs decision. So what the Dobbs decision did was give the power back to the people of New York.”

George Santos defeated Robert Zimmerman in the race to represent New York’s 3rd Congressional District.
(Mary Altaffer)

Santos highlighted being a New Yorker, living in the district for 10 years, and how knowing the ins and outs of the communities helped him in his bid for Congress. “My legacy is being part of the community. And I’ve done that so well. I’m not a political animal. I’m a newcomer.”

Santos also discussed his plans once sworn into office and stressed the importance of tackling crime in his district.

“I want to roll up my sleeves. I want to show up to D.C. ready to work. I want to show up with plans for legislation, plans for things that we need to get achieved, such as funding for the police in New York City, for the NYPD, which affects my district,” Santos said. “I’m going to represent a very significant amount of northeastern Queens. And crime is sweeping in from the city into the north shore of Nassau County. So that needs to be recognized. We are in a crime wave crisis in the state and I can’t wait to bring back common sense solutions.”

Santos said that he has lived in New York’s 3rd Congressional District for 10 years.
(Mary Altaffer)

The Republican also told Fox News Digital that Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who is seeking the position ofspeakerof the House, will have his vote if the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives this fall.


“The answer to that is yes. That has been the plan. And I don’t see anything other than that. I didn’t know that was a considerable question. I thought that was what we were doing,” Santos said.