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Here’s what’s happening…

– Supreme Court rules on Trump presidential immunity case…

– Biden reassures top donors after poor debate performance…

– Early polling offers clues to voters’ take on the debate…

Who’s the Boss? 

President Biden’s family blamed staffers for his rocky debate performance last Thursday, as the commander in chief lies low again at Camp David Monday, according to reports. 

Politico also reported that Biden’s family members cast blame widely on Biden staffers, complaining that they did not adequately prepare the president to go on the attack more, to focus more on laying out his vision for the next four years rather than getting bogged down in defending his record, and that they allowed him to become overworked without enough rest beforehand ….Read more

White House

PARDON ME: Does Hunter Biden have a conflict of interest in advising his father? …Read more

Capitol Hill

‘CHANGES EVERYTHING’: Why some House Republicans privately worry about Dems replacing Biden …Read more

‘DEMOCRAT LAWLESSNESS’: Trump allies in Congress cheer Supreme Court immunity decision …Read more

ARMED ROBOT DOGS: Lawmaker’s hackles raised by latest China threat …Read more

GOING ON YOUR RECORD: House GOP put colleges on notice over lax protest, civil disobedience rules …Read more

Trials and Tribulation

‘SERIOUS QUESTIONS’: Justice Thomas swipes at Special Counsel Jack Smith’s appointment in SCOTUS immunity decision …Read more

Tales from the Campaign Trail

‘ABOVE THE LAW’: Biden campaign lashes out at Supreme Court over presidential immunity ruling …Read more

‘WILD CARD’: Steve Bannon on Dems replacing Biden on the ticket would be bad for Trump …Read more

‘HEIGHT OF ARROGANCE’: NY Republican accuses Dem rival of dismissing migrant crisis, as woman’s murder rocks race …Read more

POWER RANKINGS: Looking for clues in the polls as we brace for post-debate impact …Read more

‘COGNITIVE MESS’: Trump has again criticized President Biden’s mental acuity following the debate …Read more

REFUND PLEASE: Biden reassures top Democratic donors who are losing faith in the wake of debate …Read more

‘POLITICAL MALPRACTICE’: Anita Dunn, Bob Bauer and Ron Klain take heat for Biden’s rocky debate …Read more

WHITMER TAKE ONE: Dem governorprivately warned Biden camp Michigan not winnable: report  …Read more

WHITMER TAKE TWO…:Governor tweets that Biden’s Michigan detractors are ‘full of s—‘ …Read more

‘AI FOR MAYOR’: Man speaks out after bot’s candidacy hits roadblock …Read more

Across America

CHANGING TUNES: Doug Burgum says he would ‘absolutely’ do business with Trump, reversing course on 2023 interview …Read more

SQUASHING ‘SCAM’: Homeowners armed with new state law to fight squatters …Read more

ON THEIR WATCH: Blue city leaders’ backs against the wall after 12-year-old allegedly murdered by illegals …Read more

SAFE SPACE: New Florida law sets up area in sheriff’s office parking lots for child custody swaps …Read more

CALM DOWN, KEITH: Olbermann calls for CNN to be ‘burned down’ …Read more

‘GONE ROGUE’: Dems vow ‘aggressive oversight’ of Supreme Court after Trump immunity ruling …Read more

‘OFFICIAL DUTIES’: Supreme Court weighs in on presidential immunity question …Read more

‘SOCIAL’-LY UNACCEPTABLE: High Court dismisses challenges to red-state restrictions on social media platforms …Read more

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