Fox News Politics: ‘Felonious’ Trump’s Dream

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Former President Trump’s conviction in New York had an immediate windfall of campaign cash to both his own campaign and other Republican election funds. Within hours of the conviction, both the Trump and Biden campaigns were raising money on the news.

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Plenty of Democrats and anti-Trump figures have celebrated former Trump’s conviction in a New York court on 34 counts of falsifying business records — a felony under New York state law when done to conceal another crime. But the jury didn’t have to agree, or even declare, what that other crime was. 

Numerous legal scholars — including an analyst at CNN who called it an “unjustified mess” — have pointed to severe flaws in the case, despite the jury’s unanimous verdict. Get the latest live updates of the Trump trial fallout on Fox News.

GRIN AND ‘BARE’ IT: President Biden himself said Trump has the right to appeal. But when asked Friday to comment on Trump’s claims about being a political prisoner, Biden grinned — and ignored the question.

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