Here are all the deals from international signing day

January 15th, 2023

It’s been called international signing day. Others have referred to it as the international day of joy.

Jan. 15 is officially known as the first day of the international signing period and it means everything to the prospects from across the globe who sign during the 11-month span.

For these prospects, it is their first step in professional baseball. It’s also when their dreams are realized.

The international signing period runs through Dec. 15, 2023. Here is a look at which players from MLB Pipeline’s Top 50 International Prospects list have agreed to terms with clubs, according to sources, and for how much. Unless otherwise noted, clubs have not confirmed the deals.

1. Ethan Salas, C, Ven.: Padres+ ($5,600,000) More >>2. Felnin Celesten, SS, D.R.: Mariners ($4,700,000) More >>3. Joendry Vargas, SS, D.R.: Dodgers ($2,077,500) More >>4. Alfredo Duno, C, Ven.: Reds+ More >>5. Luis Morales, RHP, Cuba: Athletics (3,000,000) More >>6. Derniche Valdez, SS, D.R.: Cubs ($2,700,000) More >>7. Enmanuel Bonilla, OF, D.R.: Blue Jays ($4,100,000) More >>8. Sebastian Walcott, SS, Bahamas: Rangers+ More >>9. Brando Mayea, OF, Cuba: Yankees ($4,400,000) More >>10. Jun-Seok Shim, RHP, S. Korea: Pirates+ More >>11. Ariel Castro, OF, Cuba: Twins ($2,500,000) More >>12. Brailer Guerrero, OF, D.R.: Rays ($3,700,000) More >>13. Jesus Caba, SS, D.R.: Phillies ($3,000,000) More >>14. Ludwig Espinoza, SS, Ven.: Cubs ($1,500,000) More >>15. Rayner Arias, OF, D.R.: Giants ($2,800,000) More >>16. Janero Miller, OF, Bahamas: Marlins More >>17. Camilo Diaz, OF, D.R.: Astros+ ($2,250,000) More >>18. Gian Zapata, OF, D.R.: D-backs ($950,000) More >>19. Angel Cepeda, SS, D.R.: Cubs ($1,000,000) More >>20. Luis Almeyda, SS, D.R.: Orioles+ ($2,300,000) More >>21. Esmil Valencia, OF, D.R.: Astros+ ($897,500) More >>22. Yophery Rodriguez, OF, Ven.: Brewers ($1,500,000) More >>23. Arnaldo Lantigua, OF, D.R.: Dodgers ($697,500) More >>24. Robert Calaz, OF, D.R.: Rockies ($2,500,000) More >>25. Yoeilin Cespedes, SS, D.R.: Red Sox (est. $1,400,000) More >>26. Raymond Mola, OF, D.R.: Pirates+ More >>27. Daiverson Gutierrez, C, D.R.: Mets More >>28. Welbyn Francisca, SS, D.R.: Guardians+ More >>29. Anthony Baptist, OF, D.R.: Mets More >>30. Tony Ruiz, OF, D.R.31. Carlos Silva, C, Ven.: Twins More >>32. Enrique Jimenez, C, Ven.: Tigers+ ($1,250,000) More >>33. Filippo Di Turri, SS, Ven.: Brewers ($1,300,000) More >>34. Luis Guanipa, OF, Ven.: Braves More >>35. Kevin Ereu, SS, Ven.: Brewers ($1,400,000) More >>36. Reiner Lopez, RHP, Ven.: Cardinals+ ($500,000) More >>37. Yerlin Luis, OF, D.R.: Guardians+ More >>38. Hendry Chivilli, SS, D.R.: Twins More >>39. Manuel Cabrera, SS, D.R.: Nationals+ ($500,000) More >>40. Darling Fernandez, OF, D.R.: Athletics (est. $1,000,000) More >>41. Luis Reyes, RHP, D.R.: White Sox ($700,000) More >>42. Jeter Martinez, RHP, Mex.: Mariners ($600,000) More >>43. Cristopher Larez, SS, Ven.: Mets ($1,500,000) More >>44. Maikol Orozco, SS, Ven.: Tigers ($900,000) More >>45. Andy Acevedo, OF, D.R.: Nationals+ ($1,200,000) More >>46. Edwin Solano, SS, D.R.: Nationals+ ($1,200,000) More >>47. Jeremy Rodriguez, SS, D.R.: D-backs (est. $1,000,000) More >>48. Cristian Perez, OF, D.R.: Tigers+ ($1,100,000) More >>49. Marwys Jorge, RHP, D.R.: Royals ($450,000) More >>50. Felix Morrobel, SS, D.R.: Angels ($900,000) More >>

+ indicates that the club has officially announced the signing.


Thirty-one of the players on the 2022 Top 50 International Prospects list are from the Dominican Republic. There are 12 prospects from Venezuela, three from Cuba, two from the Bahamas and one each from Mexico and Korea. Position-wise, there are 20 infielders, 18 outfielders, five catchers, six pitchers and one two-way player.

These are the international bonus pools for the 2022-23 signing period:

Clubs that received a Competitive Balance Pick in Round B of the Draft (Athletics, Brewers, Mariners, Marlins, Rays, Reds, Tigers and Twins) received a pool of $6,366,900 while clubs with a Competitive Balance Pick in Round A (D-backs, Guardians, Orioles, Padres, Pirates, Rockies and Royals) received $5,825,500.

The base signing pool for the Astros, Blue Jays, Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Giants, Mets, Nationals, White Sox and Yankees is $5,284,000. The Angels, Phillies and Red Sox each forfeited $500,000 from their pools for signing players who had rejected qualifying offers — Noah Syndergaard, Nick Castellanos and Trevor Story, respectively — last offseason, so each has a pool of $4,644,000 . The Dodgers and Rangers each forfeited $1,000,000 from their pools for signing players who had rejected qualifying offers to lower their pool to $4,144,000.

The Dodgers surpassed the luxury tax threshold the previous season and had to forfeit $1,000,000 for Freddie Freeman. The Rangers forfeit $500,000 each for Corey Seager and Marcus Semien.

*The forfeited monies are redistributed to the other clubs.

*Teams will be allowed to trade international bonus slots during this signing period starting Jan. 15.


An international player is eligible to sign with a Major League team between Jan. 15 and Dec. 15. He must turn 16 before he signs and be 17 before Sept. 1 the following year — in practical terms, that means players born between Sept. 1, 2005, and Aug. 31, 2006, will be eligible to sign in the upcoming signing period. Players have to be registered with Major League Baseball in advance in order to be eligible to sign.

Here’s a look at other prospects who signed for $300,000 or more:

AstrosGerman Ramirez, SS, D.R. — $1,200,000Eduardo Perez, OF, D.R. — $797,000

AthleticsRamon Landaeta, C, Ven. — $750,000

Blue JaysDavid Guzman, OF, Ven. — $650,000Samuel Acuna, RHP, Ven. — $300,000

CardinalsBracewell Taveras, SS, D.R. — $450,000Ruben Menes, RHP, D.R. — $400,000Angel Gil, OF, D.R., $375,000

D-backsYassel Soler, 3B, D.R. — $425,000

DodgersDaniel Mielcarek, SS, D.R. — $397,500

GuardiansJose Marcano, INF, Ven. — $800,000Luis Merejo, INF, D.R. — $340,000Jose Pirela, OF, Ven. — $320,000Juan Frances, OF, Ven. — $320,000Jonathan Martinez, INF, D.R. $300,000

PiratesJonathan Rivero, C, Ven. — $840,000

RaysWilian Trinidad, INF, D.R. — $500,000

RedsAlfredo Alcantara, SS, D.R. — $640,000Rafhlmil Torres, SS, Ven. — $300,000

RockiesAlessander De La Cruz, D.R. — $650,000Yeiker Reyes, OF, Ven. — $500,000Jeremy Ciriaco, SS, D.R. — $500,000Alison Zacarias, RHP, D.R. — $500,000

TigersAnibal Salas, OF, Ven. — $1,000,000

TwinsJuan Hernandez, SS, Ven. — $350,000

White SoxAbraham Nunez, OF, D.R. — $700,000