Here’s how the Guardians have stayed in 1st

3: Nothing to lose
Plenty of things can be easier when there’s nothing to lose. The Guardians entered this season with no expectations. Many were expecting them to be at the bottom — or close to it — of the American League Central, especially after the team failed to make any big additions to the roster after the lockout ended. Mix that with a roster full of young, enthusiastic players who all naturally have a nothing-to-lose mindset (mostly because they don’t know any better at this point in their careers) and that apparently makes a first-place team — at least for now.

Who knows what the rest of this season will bring. It’s hard to tell if this team is going through an Energizer Bunny phase and suddenly will burn out or if this success is sustainable. But the Guardians have forced people to start taking them seriously and have thrown themselves back in the “contenders” category.

The last time Cleveland gave off vibes like this was 2016, and if I remember correctly, that was a pretty fun season. Let’s see if it can happen again.