Kwan goes full Jeter for catch in stands

SEATTLE — Remember that play when Derek Jeter went flying into the stands after making a catch? Well, Guardians outfielder Steven Kwan did his best to top that performance.

In the bottom of the fifth inning on Friday night at T-Mobile Park, Kwan soared through the air in foul territory, leaped over the waist-high wall and belly flopped onto a row of empty seats in the stands — all while he made an improbable catch to record the first out of the frame.

Kwan’s defense has been solid all season and it’s only gotten better as he’s gained more experience. He entered the day in the 93rd percentile in Statcast’s outs above average defensive metric. But the left fielder had never done something quite as impressive as this play.

So much of the play resembled what Jeter did against the Red Sox in 2004. However, Kwan may have upped the ante. Jeter’s catch was made while both feet were still on the ground and he dove into the stands after running out of space to slow down. Kwan on the other hand, he made the catch as both feet left the ground and half of his body was already over the wall.