Hancock County Joins Drug Free Workplace Initiative

12/7/16 – 11:14 A.M.

Recognizing the impact drugs have on the workforce, several community groups and businesses are joining an effort to address the issue. Zach Thomas is the director of Wellness and Education for the Hancock County ADAMHS Board. He says one of the goals is to help area businesses set good policies…

Audio: Zach Thomas

Thomas adds a large part of the initiative is to prevent drug addiction issues before they start.

Despite that, Thomas says most drug users have jobs…

Audio: Zach Thomas

Thomas says he hopes one outcome of the program is finding solutions for people who can’t get jobs because of positive drug tests…

Audio: Zach Thomas

Thomas says the goal is to have at least five businesses put in place new workplace drug programs by next September.

The first stakeholders meeting takes place Monday.