Laundry Pods Can Pose A Danger To Small Children

4/29/2016 – 12:50 pm

Caption: Comparison between laundry pods and candy. (Illinois Poison Control Center)

A growing danger in households comes from a source to keep things clean. Since being introduced on the market in 2012, laundry pods which dispense pre-measured soap in laundry have been viewed as a danger due to the pads looking similar to candy in the eyes of children. Between 2012-2013 over 700 children required hospital admission from ingesting the laundry pods, with injuries ranging from vomiting, skin and eye irritation and more severe problems like loss of consciousness and respiratory failure.

Since their introduction, there has been a push to help parents keep the pods out of their children’s reach including introducing child-resistant containers, design changes on the pods themselves, and ultimately educating the public on the dangers associated with ingesting the pods. The Illinois Poison Control Center has done some research into the use of the pods and their dangers. For more information about the dangers of ingesting laundry pods, download their report.