Marathon Outsourcing Work For Pipeline Project Sparks Union Protest

02/01/17 – 5:17 P.M.

A group of people met outside of Kenton today to protest Marathon’s use of non-union workers to build a pipeline. Laborers’ District Council of Ohio’s Mike Engbert said that people are upset that Marathon did not hire locally.

Mike Engbert

The protest consisted of construction workers with the Laborers’ International Union of North America. LIUNA Business Manager Gary Bretz said that they reached out to to the company.

Gary Bretz

Bretz said that the LIUNA workers had the lowest bid and offered the best work. The group said that the outsourced company undermines 300 local jobs and skilled labor.

Charles Yates from Pipeliners Local 798 said that Marathon could have hired local.

Charles Yates

They say that Marathon has shown great disregard for the workers of Ohio’s local workforce by outsourcing the jobs.