Putnam County Man Wants To Withdraw Guilty Plea In 2005 Murder Case

1/12/17 – 5:36 A.M.

A Putnam County man serving a life sentence for drowning his 13-month-old son in 2005 wants to withdraw his guilty plea. The Lima News reports 48-year-old Michael Luebrecht is renewing his defense that medications he was taking at the time led to the murder. During a Wednesday hearing, Leubrecht said doctors didn’t know enough about the side effects of the 15 medications he was taking at the time.

Assistant Putnam County Prosecutor Todd Schroeder opposes the motion. He said Leubrecht knew right from wrong at the time of the murder.

Judge Randall Basinger did not issue a ruling Wednesday. He said he will consider testimony and the evidence before he makes a decision.

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