Riverside Summer Concerts Classic

Classic Riverside Summer Concerts

Sunday morning at 11 on 1330 WFIN, WFIN.com and 95.5 FM

Original Air Date
Audio Archive
June 7Night Jazz (Dick Daugherty Night as the Plaza around the band shell was named “Dick Daugherty Plaza,." Dick played drums on “In the Mood!"June 23, 2004Night Jazz
June 14Mike Fornes’ Gordon Lightfoot TributeAugust 30, 2017Mike Fornes-Gordon Lightfoot Tribute 6-14-20
June 21PantasiaJuly 30, 2014Pantasia 6-21-20
June 28122nd Ohio Army National Guard Band (Disney tribute) June 30, 2019122nd Army National Guard Band 6-28-20
July 5Findlay Civic Concert Band (“Happy Birthday America”) Includes a special ceremony celebrating Jack Taylor’s 30th anniversary of conducting the Findlay Civic Band.
July 11, 2018findlay civic concert band 7-5-20
July 12Findlay Civic Concert Band (“Rhapsody in Blue”) Includes a special ceremony on the 60th anniversary of the concert series at Riverside Park.
July 13, 2011
July 19Findlay Civic Concert Band (“Now Playing on Broadway”)July 26, 2017
July 26Fostoria Lake Plains CorusAugust 26, 2015
August 2Findlay Civic Concert Band ("Music Around the World") (MC is Dick Daugherty-in addition to the great music, Dick provides the introduction and you'll hear comments from "Miss Flag City 1990")July 18, 1990
August 9Findlay Civic JazzAugust 19, 2015
August 16Findlay Civic Concert Band ("A Salute to Tin Pan Alley") (MC is Dick Daugherty)July 7, 1999
August 23Ted Yoder - Hammered DulcimerAugust 29, 2018
August 30Findlay Civic Concert Band (“A Salute to the Greatest Generation — Memories of the Forties”) (the program features a dramatic reading from John Hutson, the first coordinator of the Riverside Summer Concert Series)
July 21, 2004