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May 13:35pmGuardians vs. Oakland
May 35:35pmSan Diego vs. Guardians ***POSTPONED to 5/4***
May 412:35pmSan Diego vs. Guardians (Doubleheader)
May 55:35pmToronto vs. Guardians
May 66:35pmToronto vs. Guardians ***POSTPONED TO 5/7***
May 79amBuckeye Sportsman
1:35pmToronto vs. Guardians (Doubleheader)
May 81:05pmToronto vs. Guardians
May 97:35pmGuardians vs. Chicago White Sox
May 107:35pmGuardians vs. Chicago White Sox
May 111:35pmGuardians vs. Chicago White Sox ***POSTPONED***
May 128pmNFL Schedule Release '22
May 137:35pmGuardians vs. Minnesota
May 149amBuckeye Sportsman
6:35pmGuardians vs. Minnesota
May 151:35pmGuardians vs. Minnesota
May 175:35pmCincinnati vs. Guardians
May 185:35pmCincinnati vs. Guardians ***POSTPONED TO 5/19***
May 1912:35pmCincinnati vs. Guardians
May 206:35pmDetroit vs. Guardians
May 219amBuckeye Sportsman
5:35pmDetroit vs. Guardians ***POSTPONED***
May 221:05pmDetroit vs. Guardians
May 237:35pmGuardians vs. Houston
May 247:35pmGuardians vs. Houston
May 257:35pmGuardians vs. Houston
May 266:35pmGuardians vs. Detroit
May 276:35pmGuardians vs. Detroit
May 289amBuckeye Sportsman
3:35pmGuardians vs. Detroit
May 291:05pmGuardians vs. Detroit
May 305:35pmKansas City vs. Guardians
May 315:35pmKansas City vs. Guardians