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May 19amBuckeye Sportsman
3:35pmIndians vs. Chicago White Sox
May 21:35pmIndians vs. Chicago White Sox
May 37:35pmIndians vs. Kansas City
May 47:35pmIndians vs. Kansas City
May 57:35pmIndians vs. Kansas City
May 61:35pmIndians vs. Kansas City
May 76:35pmCincinnati vs. Indians
May 89amBuckeye Sportsman
5:35pmCincinnati vs. Indians
May 9Cincinnati vs. Indians ***(Postponed to 8/9)***
May 115:35pmChicago Cubs vs. Indians
May 1212:35pmChicago Cubs vs. Indians
May 139:35pmIndians vs. Seattle
May 149:35pmIndians vs. Seattle
May 159amBuckeye Sportsman
8:35pmIndians vs. Seattle
May 163:35pmIndians vs. Seattle
May 179:05pmIndians vs. Los Angeles Angels
May 189:05pmIndians vs. Los Angeles Angels
May 197:35pmIndians vs. Los Angeles Angels
May 216:35pmMinnesota vs. Indians
May 229amBuckeye Sportsman
3:35pmMinnesota vs. Indians
May 2312:35pmMinnesota vs. Indians
May 246:35pmIndians vs. Detroit
May 256:35pmIndians vs. Detroit
May 266:35pmIndians vs. Detroit
May 2712:35pmIndians vs. Detroit
May 286:35pmIndians vs. Toronto
May 299amBuckeye Sportsman
3:35pmIndians vs. Toronto
May 3012:35pmIndians vs. Toronto
May 313pmChicago White Sox vs. Indians (doubleheader)