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Purestock/Thinkstock(LOS ANGELES) — Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company has been hit with another lawsuit that criticizes the brand’s claims.

The nonprofit, politically active group Organic Consumers Association filed a lawsuit earlier this month with the Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that Honest violates the Organic Food Production Act of 1990 and the California Organic Products Act of 2003 by claiming its Premium Infant Formula is organic.

“The Honest Co. is falsely representing its Premium Infant Formula as ‘organic’ even though this product contains 11 synthetic substances prohibited under federal law in organic products,” Katherine Paul, associate director of the Organic Consumers Association, told ABC News. “This is unacceptable.”

The California Organic Products Act points to a list of certain nonagricultural substances that can be included in products sold as organic, as adopted by the United States Secretary of Agriculture in Section 6517 of the U.S. Code based on a proposed list from the National Organic Standards Board. But the lawsuit alleges 11 ingredients in Honest’s Premium Infant Formula aren’t included on that national list.

Previous lawsuits have been filed against Honest over its sunscreen and cleaning products. The company said in response to the lawsuits at the time that the allegations of both lawsuits were “without merit.”

Among the ingredients the infant formula lawsuit lists is taurine, which the National Organic Standards Board declined to add to the national list in July 2012. At the time, the synthetic form was petitioned for use in infant formula “because insufficient taurine could result in subpar fat digestion and absorption in infants.” The board explained when it chose not to recommend taurine to the list, “Taurine can be made or extracted from non-synthetic sources, although apparently available only in small amounts at this time. Although essential for cats and thus added to cat pet food, taurine is considered a non-essential human dietary supplement.”

Paul said she wants Honest to remove the word “organic” from the infant formula label or remove the ingredients.

A statement from The Honest Company read, “Our Organic Infant Formula is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and meets all safety and nutritional standards. It is also certified USDA Organic by an independent third party, in strict accordance with the National Organic Program. We are confident this lawsuit will be dismissed.”

The nonprofit is also suing Hain Celestial Group, alleging that company has “falsely labeled products” that include Earth’s Best organic infant formulas and organic toddler formula. That lawsuit, filed earlier this month in the District of Columbia’s Superior Court, alleges the company violates the D.C. Consumer Protection Procedures Act.

A statement from a Hain Celestial Group spokeswoman read, “Earth’s Best Organic infant formulas fully comply with the USDA’s National Organic Program standards. An independent organic certifier, acting as an agent for the USDA, has certified that the formulas qualify as organic under federal law. Contrary to [Organic Consumer Association’s] allegations, all the ingredients named in the lawsuit are approved for use today in organic infant formulas, and we are therefore confident that the court will dismiss this lawsuit.”

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to send an unmanned mission to Mars by 2018.

The privately held space company announced Wednesday it plans to send one of its Dragon spacecraft on a test flight to the Red Planet, where it could yield valuable information about landing large payloads on the surface. The findings could help Musk one day fulfill his goal of colonizing Mars.

NASA has estimated a trip to Mars could take eight months via rocket. Musk tweeted that although his Dragon 2 rocket is designed to land anywhere in the solar system, it would be a less-than-ideal vessel for the journey to Mars since it offers about as much space as an SUV.

But wouldn’t recommend transporting astronauts beyond Earth-moon region. Wouldn’t be fun for longer journeys. Internal volume ~size of SUV.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 27, 2016

Last year, SpaceX showed off an animation of its Falcon Heavy rocket, which is so powerful it can blast off carrying a payload as heavy as a commercial jetliner packed with hundreds of passengers, luggage and fuel.

While space aficionados will have to wait for more details on the Mars launch plans, the company is set for another rocket launch and landing attempt next month.

The company’s next satellite launch is scheduled for May 3, a company representative told ABC News Wednesday. While SpaceX will once again try to land its Falcon 9 booster at sea after sending the payload into orbit, the particular rocket used in this launch won’t be the one SpaceX landed on a ship during the historic April 8 mission.

That rocket is undergoing testing and once it’s certified for re-use, could fly again as early as June, according to Musk.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — U.S. stocks had mixed end results Wednesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 index ended slightly higher due to the Federal Reserve leaving rates unchanged. The Federal Reserve also failed to indicate if or when it would provide another rise in rates.

The Dow climbed 51.23 (0.28 percent) to close at 18,041.55

Nasdaq lost 25.14 (0.51 percent) finishing up the day at 4,863.14, while the S&P gained 3.45 (0.16 percent) closing at 2,095.15.

Crude Oil went up 1.28 (2.91 percent) with prices at $45.32 a barrel.

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NASA(NEW YORK) — NASA’s Cassini space probe is preparing for its swan song before its programmed crash into Saturn next year.

Launched in 1997, the Cassini mission arrived in the Saturn system in 2004 where it has been working ever since to study the gas giant and its dozens of moons. The probe’s mission is scheduled to end in September 2017, when it will make a fatal plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere.

The final act is being referred to as the “grand finale” and is expected to bring the closest look ever at Saturn up until minutes before its fatal impact.

While the end is near, Cassini still has work to do. Later this year, the probe will fly above Saturn’s north pole and will probe the plume created by active geysers on Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth-largest moon but one of the most intriguing due to its global ocean and internal heat, making it a potential place where life could exist. It will also perform 12 flybys of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.

Cassini’s wild final act will then commence as it maneuvers between Saturn’s rings 22 times, getting its closest look yet at the planet until taking a fatal plunge through Saturn’s atmosphere, collecting data of its final minutes in space.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — A lamb born without fleece on an English farm has been adorned with a man-made coat to keep him warm.

The wool-less lamb, which looks nothing like a typical sheep, was abandoned by its mother and is now being raised by farm owner Sally-Ann Fisher.

“He looks like a kangaroo,” Fisher told BBC News, hence his name Skippy – the main character from an Australian TV series “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.”

Fisher thinks Skippy also looks like a “freak of nature” whose hand-made wool has become the talk of the town.

“We’ve made a little jacket for him to wear out of an old jumper to keep him warm at night,” Fisher said.

Experts in the sheep industry say the condition is extremely rare.

“I’ve never heard or seen anything like this before,” Peter Orwick, executive director of the American Sheep Industry Association, told ABC News.

Despite his setback, Skippy is skipping along just fine.

“He’s just unlucky, but he’s doing great,” Fisher said.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — A distraught mother looked on in horror as a cruise ship left her behind, sailing from its dock in the Bahamas with her children on board.

Video taken by a passenger on board the ship shows the mother after she dropped to her knees with her hands in the air, apparently screaming, “My kids are on here!” according to the narrator who filmed the incident.

“You see that right there? That is someone that has missed the boat,” the narrator says. “And, apparently, she has her kids on the boat, and she’s not on there.”

The ship, the Norwegian Breakaway, was sailing a seven-night cruise, beginning in New York on April 17, when it stopped in Nassau, Norwegian Cruise Line said in a statement. On Thursday, the mother did not return to the ship by the “widely communicated scheduled all aboard time of 5:30 p.m.,” the company said.

Cruise staff located the woman’s husband and her children on board the ship but were unable to reach her and did not know when she was returning, according to Norwegian. After the ship waited an extra 30 minutes for her, her husband agreed to disembark with their travel documents to wait for his wife while the children stayed on board with their uncle and his family for the remainder of the trip.

Norwegian offered travel and lodging assistance to the couple, they said, and made arrangements to reunite them with their family at the ship’s next port.

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Target(NEW YORK) — More than 880,000 people have signed a petition to boycott Target after the company’s announcement last week to allow transgender people to use the bathroom and fitting rooms corresponding with their gender identity, rather than the sex indicated on their birth certificate.

The American Family Association, a Christian nonprofit organization based in Mississippi, launched the petition on April 20, and it has already garnered over 880,000 signatures and counting. The AFA says it “has been on the frontlines of America’s culture war”; it has been deemed an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, launched the petition on April 20, and it has already garnered over 880,000 signatures and counting.

“We decided there’s probably a lot of people who wanted to take a stand before Target’s decision started a trend,” AFA President Tim Wildmon told ABC News Wednesday. “We found out we were right.”

The petition argues that Target’s inclusivity decision will allow a man to say he “’feels like a woman today’ and enter the women’s restroom … even if young girls and women are already in there.”

Wildmon said the AFA doesn’t plan to present the petition to Target since it is online for the company to view, adding that the policy “is just insanity and someone has got to stand up to it.” He said he hopes the petition will reach one million signatures by Friday.

At the bottom of the petition, the AFA included links to stories that describe incidents when men allegedly cross-dressed to view and/or sexually assault women in changing areas and restrooms.

But Kris Hayashi, executive director at the Transgender Legal Center, pointed out that there are already laws in place to protect all people from harassment in bathrooms and changing rooms, and those protections are still in place even when allowing transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. If a man dresses as a woman to go into a bathroom to prey on women or children, he is still breaking the law, Hayashi told ABC News Wednesday.

He added that “70 percent of transgender people have reported being denied entrance harassed or assaulted when trying to use the bathroom, according to a study done by the Williams Institute.”

“We’re just trying to live our lives and use the bathroom just like anyone else,” Hayashi said.

The City of Oxford in Alabama passed an ordinance on Tuesday in response to Target’s new policies. The ordinance makes it illegal to use public restrooms and changing areas that are different from the sex on the person’s birth certificate. Transgender people in Oxford would still be able to use the bathroom at Target corresponding with their gender identity since it is a private company.

Target is not the only company to support LGBT employees and the broader LGBT community. The Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index 2016 report showed the 407 businesses that achieved a perfect score of 100, including Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Toyota, American Express and Nike.

Target, the second-largest discount retailer in the nation, also supports the federal Equality Act, which, if passed, would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity if passed.

In a statement on April 19, when Target first announced its decision, it said, “We believe that everyone — every team member, every guest, and every community — deserves to be protected from discrimination, and treated equally.”

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Ark of Noah Foundation(NEW YORK) — One Christian organization is hoping to bring a story from the Bible to life.

The group Ark of Noah hopes to set sail in a “replica” of the Ark of Noah sometime this year.

The ark, which spans five floors and can hold more than 5,000 people at once, is 95 feet wide, 410 feet long and 75 feet tall.

Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers said he began building the Ark of Noah after dreaming about an intense storm that flooded his hometown in the Netherlands.

According to Herald A.M.A. Janssen, the director of the Ark of Noah Foundation, Huibers built the ark using the measurements given in Genesis 6:15 to make the ark “as precise as possible.”

“And this is how you shall make it: The length of the ark shall be three hundred 8 cubits, its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits,” reads the Bible passage.

By reviewing multiple historical measurement units in the various ancient cultures, Huibers created a measurement scale to use while building his ark.

Upon completion in 2012, the ark became a multi-floor interactive exhibit, focused on the spreading of religious teachings from the bible for Christian educational purposes.

Tourists who visit the ark encounter Bible-based stories and exhibitions, attractions, a movie theater and more.

Janssen told ABC News that for its upcoming voyage, which is still in its planning stages, the foundation intends to sail the ark to multiple port cities in Brazil as well as Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia before coming to the United States.

“We are so pleased with the very warm support of the private community in Fortaleza, our first stop in Brazil after crossing the Atlantic Ocean,” Janssen said. “[We also appreciate] the warm welcome of the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro … which has extended the invitation that we are welcome to visit the beautiful port of Rio de Janeiro, next to the old city.”

“The target is to reach Fortaleza in July, and reach the Paralympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro by September 7,” Janssen said.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Even though Intel is shifting from being a PC company to “a company that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices,” CEO Brian Krzanich said he still believes Moore’s Law, the rule that predicts explosive growth in computer power, will continue to hold true.

In 1965, Gordon Moore, a co-founder of Intel, predicted that the number of tiny electrical switches that could be placed on a computer chip, called transistors, would double approximately every two years at a roughly fixed cost. Alternatively, the law predicts the same number of transistors can be added for half the cost.

That has largely been the case — look no further than the computers, cameras, phones and music players that are now condensed into a single smartphone.

On Tuesday, Krzanich made it clear he believes any talk of the demise of Moore’s law is premature.

“In my 34 years in the semiconductor industry, I have witnessed the advertised death of Moore’s Law no less than four times. As we progress from 14 nanometer technology to 10 nanometer and plan for 7 nanometer and 5 nanometer and even beyond, our plans are proof that Moore’s Law is alive and well,” Krzanich wrote in a blog post published Tuesday. “Intel’s industry leadership of Moore’s Law remains intact, and you will see continued investment in capacity and R&D to ensure so.”

Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, said Moore’s Law has evolved several times since Moore first proposed it in 1965.

“The reality is that it has grown more difficult to shrink transistor and chip size in half, which then translates to less expensive and higher performance products. But it has shifted from a doubling every two years to every 2.5 years,” Moorhead said.

“The rate of overall technological improvement hasn’t been effected, because the creative tech industry has responded already by making improvements unrelated to chip size. They have optimized software and improved chip designs to keep the pace of a doubling of efficiency every two years,” he said.

IBM showed off a prototype chip last year that was hailed as a technological breakthrough for the tiny transistors — electrical switches that help power a computer — that have been made so thin they’re 1/10,000th the width of a human hair.

The breakthrough — the result of research at IBM and the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute in Albany — could allow as many as 20 billion transistors to be placed on a chip the size of a fingernail and is half the size of the current 14 nanometer standard, company officials said. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter.

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ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) — Lady Gaga and Elton John have teamed up several times musically. Now, they’re teaming up on the fashion front to raise money for a good cause.

Elton and Gaga are launching Love Bravery, a limited-edition line of clothing and accessories that will be available exclusively at Macy’s this spring, and globally later this year. Twenty-five percent of the purchase price benefits both Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and Elton’s AIDS Foundation.

The line includes everything from shirts, sweats and outerwear to backpacks, scarves, key chains, water bottles and skateboards. Some of the motifs include piano keys, Gaga’s signature “Monster” claw, microphones, platform shoes, sunglasses, hearts and artistic renditions of Gaga’s face.

“I love the idea of fusing who you are on the inside — your passions and dreams — with what you wear on the outside,” said Elton in a statement. “Love Bravery is about the compassion on the inside to understand someone’s fears, and the bravery on the outside to stand up for them, and for yourself: to accept others for who they are and to be who you want to be.”

“We need to make the world a kinder and braver place where men and women everywhere are empowered to live with compassion. That’s what Born This Way Foundation is all about, that’s what the Elton John AIDS Foundation is all about, and that’s what Love Bravery is all about,” Gaga added.

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