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9/18/14 – 5:34 A.M.

Fostoria is dealing with algae blooms in two of its reservoirs. The Review-Times reports the algae is nontoxic, but could be giving tap water a musty odor and a slightly bitter taste.

Filtration plant supervisor Ron Fauls tells the newspaper that blooms are common this time of year. Algae has been growing in Reservoirs 5 and 6 for the last two weeks. It’s being treated with activated carbon, but Fauls says that can take some time to do the trick.

Safety Service Director Allyson Murray says the city is monitoring the water 24 hours a day to ensure it is safe to use.

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9/18/14 – 5:26 A.M.

Putnam County schools did well on the latest round of school report cards.

The Ottawa-Glandorf District got a “B” grade for performance indicators. While the district did well for overall achievement, value-added scores remained at a C average.

Around the county, Kalida and Miller City scored “A’s” on the performance index. Pandora-Gilboa, Leipsic, Columbus Grove, Continental, Ottoville, and Ft. Jennings all scored “B’s” on the same measure.

Schools are graded in nine performance areas. They won’t get overall grades until 2016. We have a link to the full report cards on our website.

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9/18/14 – 5:13 A.M.

Ohio has released its latest round of school report cards, and many Hancock County schools saw improvement.

The Findlay City School District got an “A” grade for performance indicators. The district also got an “A” for working with students in the lowest 20 percent and an “A” for students with disabilities. Findlay got a “C” grade for gifted students. All of the marks are above last year’s grades.

The only other district to get an “A” on performance indicators in Hancock County was Van Buren. Arcadia, Arlington, Liberty-Benton, McComb, and Vanlue all scored “B” grades. Corey Rawson received a “C.”

Schools are graded in nine performance areas. They won’t get overall grades until 2016. We have a link to the full report cards on our website.

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9/17/14 – 5:12 A.M.

More details have been released following a fiery crash in Dunkirk Monday afternoon. The Hardin County Sheriff’s Office says the fire at the Marathon gas station at the corner of U.S. 68 and State Route 81 was touched off by a collision between an SUV and a motor home.

Michelle Obenour of Dunkirk was driving her SUV east on Route 81 when she pulled into the path of a northbound motor home driven by Loran Hofer of Sun City Florida. The motor home then slammed into a gas pump at the station, causing it to ignite. The fire destroyed the motor home and two other cars.

In all, five people were treated for minor injuries. The gas pumps and the canopy at the convenience store were destroyed.

The crash remains under investigation.

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9/17/14 – 5:04 A.M.

Getting a parking ticket is never fun, but it should be less of a pain in Fostoria now. The Review-Times reports Fostoria City Council passed an overhaul of how fines are handled at their Tuesday meeting.

Instead of paying for the ticket at the Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court, fines can be paid at a drop box at the municipal building. Police Chief Keith Loreno says the change will reduce the cost of a ticket by $15 on average.

Parking tickets in Fostoria usually run between $50 and $75.

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9/17/14 – 4:29 A.M.

The famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses are at the University of Findlay this week resting up for several appearances around the area this weekend. The eight horses weigh at least 2,000 pounds apiece and require lots of grooming and preparation before going to their gigs. They’ll be at the Hancock County Fairgrounds in Findlay on Friday, Tiffin on Saturday and Defiance on Sunday.

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9/16/14 – 11:04 A.M.

A scheduled pretrial hearing for the former Riverdale teacher charged with child endangerment yielded no courtroom action today. Barb Williams met privately with her lawyers. The Courier’s Ryan Dunn reports around 20 people were on hand to support Williams.

The former kindergarten teacher was seen on a school security video pushing a 6-year-old student in May. Williams resigned from her position following the incident.

Her trial is set to begin Dec. 15.

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9/16/14 – 10:55 A.M.

The Hancock County Auditor’s Office is getting high praise again. For the fourth year in a row the department has been given the Auditor of State Award with distinction…

Audio: Charity Rauschenberg

Auditor Charity Rauschenberg says it’s an impressive feat. Rauschenberg says that’s because it accounts not just for the handling of local tax dollars, but also the extra regulations that come with handling grant money…

Audio: Charity Rauschenberg

State Auditor Dave Yost presented the award to the county on Monday.

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9/16/14 – 5:21 A.M.

The Fostoria School District appears to be moving in the right direction. The Courier reports the school board was given an overview of the district’s report card during a Monday meeting. Superintendent Andrew Sprang says the school system earned a C on its Performance Index Score, up from an F last year. The district also moved from an F to a C for its graduation rate. That number is up to 86.1 percent, four points higher than the state average.

Sprang says the Intermediate Elementary School earned A’s in overall math and reading, and gifted students value added progress.

The district still received an F for meeting six of 24 performance indicators. Sprang says there’s obviously room to improve, but pieces of the report card are moving in the right direction.

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