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10/10/14 – 4:49 A.M.

Another man found guilty of a Findlay burglary was sentenced for his crime yesterday. 19-year-old Cayd Burton will spend three years in prison. He and three others broke into a home at 1000 Crystal Meadows Court early in the morning on March 24. The group was found when police tracked the GPS signal from a stolen laptop.

22-year-old Nicholas Rarey and 22-year-old Adrian Castillo have also been given three-year prison sentences. 20-year-old Zachary Montgomery will be sentenced on October 23.

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10/9/14 – 10:42 A.M.

The Blanchard Valley Regional Cancer Center will be expanding in the future. The Findlay City Planning Commission approved plans for a 13,750 square foot building plan during their meeting today…

Audio: Denny Bash

Denny Bash is the real estate administrator for Blanchard Valley Health System. He says the new addition will house a laboratory, pharmacy, and a center for infusion therapy…

Audio: Denny Bash

Ground will be broken for the project on Findlay’s east side next month.

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10/9/14 – 7:22 A.M.

Methane gas created by the Hancock County landfill will now serve a beneficial purpose. The Courier reports a gas-to-energy conversion project has been completed. The project was a joint collaboration between Hancock County, Granger Energy Services, and the Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative.

The new plant will generate around 3.2 megawatts of electricity. That’s enough to provide renewable energy to around 2,000 homes and businesses.

Landfill gasses are about 50 percent methane. Perforated pipes in the ground collect the gas, which is then processed and used as fuel for generators. The electricity generated by the landfill is then distributed to the utility grid.

MORE: The Courier

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10/9/14 – 6:59 A.M.

The Fostoria Police Department has released the name of a man found dead in his apartment this week. Police Chief Keith Loreno says 54-year-old Douglas Barnett was found dead in his apartment at 171 1/2 East Fremont Street just before 8 p.m. Tuesday. Officers were called there after receiving several 9-1-1 calls.

While the death was first reported as suspicious in nature, Loreno says there is nothing to indicate that Barnett died from a violent act. The cause of death remains under investigation.

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10/9/14 – 6:51 A.M.

Last week’s “drive-thru” flu shot clinic in Putnam County served a dual purpose. The Putnam County Sentinel reports while it helped residents with mobility issues get vaccinated, it also served as an exercise in emergency medicine for the health department.

Ruth Gerding is the emergency response coordinator for Putnam County. She tells the newspaper the clinic gave them good practice in treating several people in a short amount of time. Ohio requires the health department be able to treat the entire population in the county within 48 hours during a crisis.

Gerding says the clinic showed the county can both help those with special needs and still meet the state regulations.

MORE: Putnam County Sentinel

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10/9/14 – 6:41 A.M.

Several McComb residents voiced their concerns over the direction of the school at last night’s board meeting. The Courier reports one resident claims the district has exceeded its budget by more than $34,000 since Meri Skilliter took over as superintendent. Kristina Harris put together her findings by making public record requests over the last month.

School board President Audra Oglesbee said one reason the school is over budget is because Skilliter has been receiving training for crisis counseling. That has meant more travel than normal. Oglesbee said that the board should have budgeted more for travel this year to cover the training.

MORE: The Courier

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10/9/14 – 5:34 A.M.

Marathon Petroleum is one of seven Ohio companies forming a new lobbying group after having some problems with their trade association. The Associated Press reports the companies had disagreements about Ohio’s clean-energy standards. The new Manufacturing Policy Alliance also includes Alcoa, Ford, General Electric, Nucor Steel Marion, Timken and TimkenSteel. The companies employ a combined 39,000 Ohio residents.

The group was part of the Ohio Manufacturers Association. That group supported keeping in place targets for the state’s renewable energy standards. The companies that left argued the standards would be very costly for older facilities.

Eventually, they were allowed to opt out. However, the Manufacturers Association supported that as only a temporary measure.

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10/9/14 – 5:23 A.M.

The city of Findlay has a new logo. Mayor Lydia Mihalik announced the winner of a design contest Wednesday. Graphic designer Jay Yeater submitted the winning entry, which features a capital F in the form of a flag. The logo is red, white, and blue, and reflects Findlay’s “Flag City U.S.A.” nickname.

23 entries were submitted for the contest. The names of the designers were withheld from a three-judge panel until they made their decision. The panel included Anne Beekman, who is an assistant professor of graphic design and illustration at the University of Findlay; Greg Neat, a senior graphic designer at Marathon Petroleum; and Jason Smith, a design editor at The Courier.

You can see the winning entry on our website.

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10/9/14 – 5:14 A.M.

The Liberty-Benton School District is holding its ground over the firing of a former teacher. The Courier reports lawyers for the district appealed a Hancock County judge’s ruling in the case this week. Earlier this year a ruling in Hancock County said that Mark Badertscher should be reinstated by the district, but the case has now been taken to the 3rd District Court of Appeals in Lima.

The school’s attorneys argued that Badertscher showed a long history of negligence during his 21 years of teaching. The list of infractions included a May 2012 incident where a student lost consciousness for about 10 seconds after another student put him in a chokehold. It happened when Badertscher left his classroom during an exam.

Judge Reginald Routson ruled this year that the way the school board wrote their documents made it seem like there were only 10 incidents to support dismissal. The school board has argued they should be able to set their own standards for what is a fireable offense.

MORE: The Courier

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10/9/14 – 4:59 A.M.

A deal made between Ohio and Marathon Petroleum last year has caught the attention of the Ohio Ethics Commission. The Associated Press Reports the commission found there was a potential for conflict of interest for two directors of the JobsOhio job creation board.

Marathon was given tax incentives to expand in Findlay. The company’s CEO, Gary Heminger, and a board member, Steven Davis, are both on the JobsOhio board. Governor John Kasich says both Davis and Heminger did not take part in the decision-making process for the deal.

The annual ethics review of JobsOhio saw four directors and 24 employees get warning letters.

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