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Scott Olson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — “Crook,” “weak,” “joke” are just a few of the words that voters said when Quinnipiac University asked them the first word that pops into their heads when they think of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush.

Quinnipiac asked 1,563 voters and reported only the words that were said at least five times.

So what do voters really think of the 2016 presidential frontrunners? Here are the answers:

Hillary Clinton — ‘Liar’

Clinton can’t shake the reputation that she’s hiding something.

The word “liar” was mentioned 178 times in association with Hillary Clinton. Some of the other top words voters said to describe the former secretary of state were “dishonest,” “untrustworthy,” and “criminal.”

The two issues the GOP argues why Clinton’s unfit to hold office — “Benghazi” and “email” — topped the list as well. Also, her husband’s first name, Bill, came up 56 times by voters.

The poll, released on Thursday, shows Clinton is still leading among Democratic voters, but is down from 55 percent in late July to 45 percent, with Bernie Sanders gaining on her. Thirty-four percent of voters say Clinton is honest and trustworthy.

Donald Trump — ‘Arrogant’

“Arrogant” was said 58 times for Trump — who’s still leading the GOP pack with 28 percent support. Other words were “blowhard,” “idiot,” and “clown.” Other words pointed to Trump’s successful career when he’s not out on the campaign trail: “businessman,” “rich,” and “money.”

Jeb Bush — ‘Bush’

Bush can’t escape his family name.

As much as Bush insists he is his own man and tries distancing himself from the two former presidents in his family, voters think otherwise. Ironically, “Bush” is the top word that 136 people related to the former Florida governor. Voters also frequently answered “family,” “brother,” “George” and “dynasty” when asked to say immediately what comes to mind when they think of Jeb Bush.

“War” — mostly likely referring to the Iraq War — was brought up 10 times. “Weak” was also mentioned 45 times. In Quinnipiac’s national poll, Bush is tied with Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for 7 percent of support.

Other Notable Answers

A few profanities were mentioned for Clinton and Trump. “Hair” was also mentioned eight times for Trump. Bush was associated with the word “boring” 10 times.

It wasn’t all bad; voters did connect some positive words with these three candidates.

Clinton was hailed as “qualified,” “strong,” and “intelligent.” Trump was thought of as “bold,” “interesting,” and “successful.” Most likely given that Trump has never held office before, voters also associated the word “change” with Trump. For Bush, “honest” was mentioned 73 times, along with “nice” and “trustworthy.”

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iStock/ThinkstockBy DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor

Some of us are more blessed than others in the bosom department. But sometimes it may seem like a curse, as large breasts can cause intense back and shoulder pain.

I have many patients who are plagued by having large breasts. They have pain, and they feel self-conscious in clothes or swimsuits.

For many, breast reduction surgery was the only thing that offered definitive treatment. But short of surgery, there are some other things that can help.

Try custom bras or sports bras. Some companies specialize in making bras that add support and comfort that regular bras don’t.

Physical therapy can help as well by helping to adjust your posture and improve muscle strength in your upper body.

If you are considering surgery, go for a consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Marilyn Hendrickson(NEW YORK) — A pup named Journey is now able to run like other dogs after being fitted with special prosthetic legs.

The Shiba Inu/Jundo mix lost her front paws after she was set on fire along with her siblings and was the only survivor.

Marilyn Hendrickson, director of donations at the MEOW Cat Rescue shelter in Seattle, heard about the story and took in Journey, even after flying to South Korea to pick her up.

“When she arrived here, we looked at her paws and we knew there was no way to live a normal life,” she said.

Without her front paws Journey couldn’t stand on four legs without pain so she took up the habit of jumping on her hind legs “hopping around like a kangaroo,” according to the MEOW Cat Shelter.

Hendrickson said they knew they need to try something else so they reached out to a company that specializes in prosthetics for pets and were able to get two new front legs formed for Journey.

Initially, Journey was not pleased with her new feet.

“Then all of a sudden she got very still and it was like a light bulb went off in her head,” said Hendrickson. “She said, ‘Hey maybe this is a good thing…’She started walking across the room.”

Hendrickson said they have been slowly increasing the time Journey spends in her prosthetics to build up muscles. While the pup had to have a small amputation on her right front paw, she remains on the mend and now loves running in her paws. She’s even running her first 5K race in the fall.

“She’s very outgoing and very friendly and very social,” said Hendrickson. “She’s so happy that if her name wasn’t Journey I would name her happy.”

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L.A. Angels 2, Detroit 0
Texas 4, Toronto 1
Kansas City 5, Baltimore 3
Tampa Bay 5, Minnesota 4
Chicago White Sox 4, Seattle 2


L.A. Dodgers 1, Cincinnati 0
San Francisco 9, Chicago Cubs 1
Washington 4, San Diego 2
Pittsburgh 2, Miami 1
N.Y. Mets 9, Philadelphia 5, 13 Innings
St. Louis 5, Arizona 3

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Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — With the Chase approaching, the Sprint Cup Series drivers have the weekend off.

They return to action Sept. 6 at Darlington Raceway in South Carolina, in the Bojangles’ Southern 500. It’s the second-to-last event before the Chase begins.

You can still get your NASCAR fix this weekend with the XFINITY Series’ Road America 180 Fired Up by Johnsonville, held at Road America in Wisconsin. It airs Saturday at 3 p.m. Eastern time on NBC Sports Network.

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Family photo(MONETA, Va.) — The woman who survived the horrific on-air shooting that left two journalists dead in Virginia earlier this week gave her husband a harrowing account of the fusillade.

Tim Gardner told ABC News that his wife, Vicki, the executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, was able to walk to the ambulance herself even though she had a bullet in her back.

Vicki Gardner, who woke up from a medically induced coma Thursday afternoon following her second surgery, told her husband that she could not see the shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan, approaching because of the lights of the camera.

The gunman — who once worked at WDBJ-7, the same station as the victims — first targeted reporter Alison Parker, Tim Gardner said, and then turned his attention to cameraman Adam Ward.

“Then he shot three times at my wife, and she was trying to dodge everything,” Tim Gardner said, recalling what his wife had told him. “He missed twice, and then she dove to the ground and curled up in a ball, and that’s when he shot her in the back.”

The gunman continued to pull the trigger but the gun jammed, Tim Gardner said. He eventually left the area.

With Parker and Ward fatally wounded and the gunman gone, Vicki Gardner stood up.

“I don’t think she ever felt like she was in danger after she got up and walked to the ambulance after being shot, but she didn’t know the extent of her injuries at that point, but the surgeon told me that a couple of centimeters and she wouldn’t be walking and a couple of centimeters more and she wouldn’t be alive,” Tim Gardner said.

Vicki Gardner had a kidney and part of her colon removed but is expected to make a recovery.

Following her surgeries, Gardner learned more about the scope of the shooting.

“She’s slowly becoming aware of how much attention it’s getting. She’s just … well, she’s just a little torn up about things at the moment,” Tim Gardner said.

Flanagan, who went by the professional name Bryce Williams, sent a text message to a friend “making reference to having done something stupid,” according to a search warrant.

A briefcase with a wig, shawl and three license plates were among the items found inside Flanagan’s car, according to the search warrant. Inside the Chevrolet Sonic, police found a Glock pistol, six ammunition magazines and ammunition for a 9mm weapon.

It was not clear what use items found in the briefcase — the wig, shawl, a pair of sunglasses, an umbrella, and three different license plates — were intended for.

Flanagan refused to pull over for authorities on I-66, and when a trooper approached, he was found to have suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound while in the car. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital but died after he arrived there.

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iStock/Thinkstock(SAVANNAH, Ga.) — Shots rang out on Savannah State University’s campus Thursday, with one student killed and the university placed on lockdown.

The shooting, which occurred at the SSU Student Union building, was sparked by an altercation, the university said in a statement.

Christopher Starks, a junior from the metro Atlanta area, died in the shooting, the school said. At this point, no arrests have been made.

The campus was put on lockdown following the shooting. The lockdown order was later lifted.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is handling the investigation, with the SSU Police Department assisting, the university said. Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to contact police.

Friday’s classes will be delayed until 10 a.m. and grief counselors will be made available.

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iStock/Thinkstock(SAVANNAH, Ga.) — The Savannah State University campus was put on lockdown Thursday evening after a shooting incident there, campus officials said.

“The SSU campus is on lockdown following a shooting incident this evening at or near the Student Union,” the school said in a statement. “A male victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.”

According to ABC News affiliate WTVM-TV, students were being told to “stay in place and cooperate with officers and other personal.”

Further details, including his condition, were not immediately available.

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Courtesy of David Finlayson(BOISE, Idaho) — David Finlayson has his 13-year-old son to thank as he recovers at home today after being struck by a refrigerator-size boulder during a camping trip.

Finlayson, 52, and his son Charlie were backpacking and climbing near Ship Island Lake in a part of Idaho known as “River of No Return Wilderness” on Aug. 17 when the boulder broke loose.

The boulder hit Finlayson as he jumped to avoid it, sending him careening 30 feet down a mountain. He was briefly knocked unconscious and suffered a broken back, left arm, left heel, and a gash on his left leg that exposed his bone.

“If the boulder had landed on me, I’d be dead for sure,” Finlayson, of Salt Lake City, Utah, told ABC News.

With the nearest ranger 13 miles away and no one else around to help, Charlie Finlayson took it upon himself to save his father, whom he said had given him a simple motto: Stay calm.

“He did a good job,” Finlayson, a lawyer, said. “He’s been climbing and backpacking with me for years … He had a lot of training.”

For a little more than two days, the eighth-grade Boy Scout kept his dad calm and hydrated. He cleaned and dressed Finlayson’s wounds and brought food, water and sleeping bags to his father to keep him warm. At times, he walked around the lake, desperately looking for help.

“He was my savior,” Finlayson told the Idaho Statesman. “He kept talking to me all night.”

Two days after falling, his father sent him on a 13-mile hiking mission to find help. Charlie Finlayson carried a note, explaining what had happened and how to find his father.

Charlie Finlayson said leaving his father and setting off on the journey alone was the hardest part.

“I was scared I wasn’t going to find somebody,” he said. “I prayed a lot.”Charlie Finlayson said he hiked three miles and found a few men who read his note and then went to help his father, who was eventually airlifted to a hospital. A sheriff’s deputy connected his son with a relative who took him home.

“We had a pretty solid relationship with each other before this happened,” Finlayson said, “but it’s definitely concrete now, or granite, maybe, is the way to put it.”

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Manny Carabel/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Legendary basketball player Darryl Dawkins, known as “Chocolate Thunder” for his ferocious slam dunks, died on Thursday at the age of 58.

ESPN reports that a statement from Dawkins’ family cited a heart attack as the cause of his death.

Dawkins played 14 years in the National Basketball Association, including seven with the Philadelphia 76ers and five more with the New Jersey Nets. Posting 12 points and 6.1 rebounds per game, Dawkins was a steady player known for being dangerous around the rim. His 57.2-percent field goal percentage is among the 10 best in NBA history.

“The NBA family is heartbroken by the sudden and tragic passing of Darryl Dawkins,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement. “We will always remember Darryl for his incredible talent, his infectious enthusiasm and his boundless generosity.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released the following statement regarding the passing of Darryl Dawkins pic.twitter.com/lwWXmoDoOR

— NBA (@NBA) August 27, 2015

Dawkins, drafted fifth overall by the 76ers in 1975, was the first player to be selected in the first round of the NBA draft directly out of high school.

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