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Gas Prices Continue To Climb

3/14/16 – 5:23 A.M.

Gas prices are continuing a steady rise. reports most Findlay gas stations are selling a gallon of regular for $1.95 today. That’s up five cents from last Monday, but down four cents from last week’s high. Prices were around $1.53 a gallon a month ago.

Ottawa drivers are paying nine cents more for a gallon of gas this morning. The average price in the village is $1.94 today.

Across the state the average price is $1.92 a gallon, up seven cents from last Monday.

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No Flooding Expected Following Wet Weekend

3/14/16 – 5:13 A.M.

It was a wet weekend, but it doesn’t look like the Blanchard River will spill out of its banks as a result. Forecasts from the National Weather Service show the Blanchard staying below action stage in Findlay. In Ottawa the river is expected to enter action stage tomorrow morning, but stay below minor flood stage.

The long-term forecast from the National Weather Service also shows the river running high for a little while, but staying below flood stage.

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Wood County Home Searched As Part Of Poaching Investigation

3/14/16 – 5:05 A.M.

More than 70 wildlife officers executed search warrants stemming from poaching investigations over the weekend. The Courier reports the investigations took place in northern Ohio. The closest warrant served in our area was in the Wood County village of Grand Rapids. Officers seized antlers, deer meat, deer tags, and more from the home of Robert Mandon Freeworth.

Officials say some of the items seized were allegedly used in connection to the illegal sale of deer meat, improper use of landowner hunting tags, and hunting with the aid of a motor vehicle.

Charges are still being considered.

MORE: The Courier

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Lane Restrictions For Next Several Months In I-75 Construction Zone

3/14/16 – 4:55 A.M.

The I-75 widening project taking place between Hancock County Road 99 and Perrysburg will make the interstate noticeably more narrow for the next several months. ODOT says single lane restrictions are possible on that stretch of interstate between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. through November.

11-foot lane restrictions will be in place from Road 99 in Findlay to Route 20 in Perrysburg through December. There will also be 11-foot restrictions on the entrance and exit ramps to Cygnet Road through July.

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Monday Interview – The Zika Virus, An Overview

3/14/2016 – 4:00 am

It’s been in the news quite a bit recently, but how much is really known? The Zika virus has been making waves as a disease that only recently has begun to make inroads into the United States. Dr. Melissa Anderson, Professor of Biology at the University of Findlay says that the Zika virus is transmitted primarily by mosquitoes.

Audio: Dr. Melissa Anderson

Zika is a warm climate virus, originating in South and Central America. Dr. Anderson notes that around 80% of individuals affected by Zika show no symptoms of the virus, and those that do may mistake the symptoms for other illnesses.

Audio: Dr. Melissa Anderson

In order to prevent infection, the best thing to do would be to protect yourself as you would protect yourself normally from mosquito bites. Using sprays and wearing long sleeve shirts where possible to prevent the spread of the disease. Dr. Anderson notes though that Zika has been known to be transmitted sexually which is why it’s important to protect yourself when having sex.

Audio: Dr. Melissa Anderson

Dr. Anderson notes that thus far, Zika has been shown to be transmitted from males to females sexually but not the other way around. Given this, and though it’s symptoms mimic that of other illnesses, such as flu, Zika can cause birth defects in pregnant women.

Audio: Dr. Melissa Anderson

Dr. Anderson said that it’s best to be aware of where you are traveling, knowing that if you experience flu-like symptoms after returning from South or Central America, you may want to check for Zika. The Centers For Disease Control has been researching and investigating Zika, and more information about the virus can be found on their websites. To hear the complete interview with Dr. Anderson, visit our Soundcloud Page below.

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Wyden Named New UF Vice President Of Business Affairs

3/11/2016 – 3:36 pm

The University of Findlay announced this afternoon that Leon L. Wyden Jr. has been named as the new University of Findlay Vice President for Busines Affairs. He replaces Marty Terry who retired in February.

Wyden has been the president for finance and administration, treasurer and assistant secretary at Tiffin University since 2012. At UF, he will be responsible for the management of all activities related to UF’s financial system and will oversee the business office, bookstore, print shop, postal services, physical plant, facilities and the All-Hazards Training Center.

Wyden will start in his new role in May.

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University Of Findlay Board Officially Approves Plans For New Building Project

3/11/2016 – 2:18 pm

The University of Findlay announced today that its Board of Trustees has approved the plans for constructing the new Center for Student Life and College of Business building. The plans, in development for some time, call for a 75,000-square-foot facility which will cost around $23 million to complete. It will house a campus communications center, food court, central gathering space, a student leadership development suite, a campus leadership room, a bookstore and office space for the Center of Civic Engagement.

The second floor will include an investment trading room, computer lab, two grand auditoriums, a board conference/seminar room, four classrooms, two creative learning centers, two conference rooms, a Dana Chair board room, a “Big Ideas” incubator lab, the College of Business dean’s suite and all offices for COB faculty and staff.

Site preparation has begun with an official groundbreaking set for March 31st. Completion is slated for late summer 2017 in time for the start of the fall semester.

More: UF Newsroom

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Information Breach Serves As Reminder To Keep Information Secure

3/11/2016 – 2:06 pm

A story in the Courier last week revealed that personal information from donors to Associated Charities of Findlay may have been made public through the online posting of tax forms. Some of this information may have included names and social security numbers. Adam Levin from IDT101 says that while you may declare charitable donations, and in doing so will need a form indicating your donations, you should never give your personal information or tax information to any charity.

Audio: Adam Levin

Leven says that charities are not known for strong security across the board anyway which makes it more important to be careful what information you pass along when making donations. He notes that it is the responsibility of every person and every entity to protect the identity of all individuals from scammers.

Audio: Adam Levin

When breaches or mistakes happen one of the issues is the concern that situations like this will make people less likely to donate to charities. Leven says that people shouldn’t be scared to support groups or organizations that they care about, but you should also be smart about protecting your information.

Audio: Adam Levin

If you are affected, Leven says that you should inquire as to any damage control programs that might be offered either through the charity or through your own financial institutions. He suggests getting a copy of your credit report for monitoring and also contacting the IRS, given the timing and tax season in swing right now.

Audio: Adam Levin

Leven says that there is no reason whatsoever that any charity should require people to give them their social security numbers, and if you are asked to provide one, you may wish to give the donation a second thought.

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BVH Auxiliary Holding Annual Prom Dress Collection

3/11/2016 – 10:30 am

If you have a prom dress and you don’t know what to do with it, the Blanchard Valley Hospital Auxiliary’s Nearly New Shop would like to hear from you. They are accepting donations for their annual prom dress distribution. Items accepted will include gently used dresses, shoes, accessories, and men’s formal wear.

Items can be dropped off at the shop, 306 Lima Avenue in Findlay now through the prom season. The dresses, shoes, accessories and men’s wear will be available free of charge beginning March 15th to any area teen needing items for prom. One dress per girl will be provided and items will be available through prom season.

The shop is open Tuesday through Thursday as well as the first and third Friday each month from 10am-4pm. They are also open every Saturday from 10am to 1pm. All donations are tax deductible.

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UPDATE 10:35am: Pedestrian Hit By Semi In Kenton Thursday Night

3/11/16 – 5:12 A.M.

UPDATED 10:35am: Includes names of driver and victim.

A pedestrian was hit and killed by a semi in Kenton Thursday night. WKTN radio reports the incident happened around 7:45 p.m. at the corner of Main and Carroll streets. Witnesses say the woman, identified as 54-year-old Karen Winegardner of Kenton was with a bicycle when she was hit. The truck, operated by 51-year-old Daniel Figy of Wasseon, continued south and was stopped in the 800 block of Main Street. Winegardner was pronounced dead at the scene.

No charges have been filed at this time and the incident remains under investigation.

The incident closed the intersection until late Thursday night.


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