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BGSU Students Receive Alert After Robbery Near Campus

3/14/16 – 7:28 A.M.

Students on the campus of Bowling Green State University are being urged to be on alert after a robbery near the campus. Media partner WTOL-11 reports the Falcon Foodmart on East Wooster Street was held up by two men with knives overnight. The men ran towards campus after robbing the store.

The men are believed to be dangerous.


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Leipsic Man Arrested After Chase In Putnam County

3/14/16 – 7:15 A.M.

A Leipsic man is facing several charges after a police chase late last week. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office reports 21-year-old Juan Felipe Pardo was taken into custody after running from a sheriff’s deputy near Continental Friday afternoon.

Deputy Brent Meyers tried to pull over Pardo for a speed violation on State Route 613 east of Continental. At one point Pardo lost control, hit the guide wire to a utility pole, and nearly hit oncoming traffic. He continued into Continental and abandoned his car at 401 South Sixth Street. Two deputies were able to track Pardo down and arrest him without further incident.

Pardo faces charges of failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, and tampering with evidence among several other charges.

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Findlay Home Damaged By Weekend Fire

3/14/16 – 6:53 A.M.

A Findlay home was damaged by a fire over the weekend. The Findlay Fire Department was called to 409 East Lincoln Street a little after 1 p.m. Sunday.

The flames started in the home’s basement and did around $5,500 of total damage. The building has two apartments, and smoke got into the living area of the lower apartment. No one was hurt, but the Red Cross had to help the residents find a place to stay while the power was cut to the building.

The fire remains under investigation.

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Search Continues For Foot Chase Suspect

3/14/16 – 6:39 A.M.

The suspect who led Findlay police officers on a foot chase over the weekend remains at-large today. The incident started Saturday afternoon when a man was pulled over for speeding at Stanford Parkway and Township Road 89. The trooper made face-to-face contact with the suspect before he drove away. The man ran away after ditching his van in an alley off of Fox Street, just north of Howard Street.

The suspect was described as a black man in his mid-to-upper 30s, around 5’2″ and weighing around 140 pounds. He was seen wearing blue jeans, a white shirt with a blue design and a red hoodie.

It was unknown if the suspect had a weapon.


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Gas Prices Continue To Climb

3/14/16 – 5:23 A.M.

Gas prices are continuing a steady rise. reports most Findlay gas stations are selling a gallon of regular for $1.95 today. That’s up five cents from last Monday, but down four cents from last week’s high. Prices were around $1.53 a gallon a month ago.

Ottawa drivers are paying nine cents more for a gallon of gas this morning. The average price in the village is $1.94 today.

Across the state the average price is $1.92 a gallon, up seven cents from last Monday.

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No Flooding Expected Following Wet Weekend

3/14/16 – 5:13 A.M.

It was a wet weekend, but it doesn’t look like the Blanchard River will spill out of its banks as a result. Forecasts from the National Weather Service show the Blanchard staying below action stage in Findlay. In Ottawa the river is expected to enter action stage tomorrow morning, but stay below minor flood stage.

The long-term forecast from the National Weather Service also shows the river running high for a little while, but staying below flood stage.

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Wood County Home Searched As Part Of Poaching Investigation

3/14/16 – 5:05 A.M.

More than 70 wildlife officers executed search warrants stemming from poaching investigations over the weekend. The Courier reports the investigations took place in northern Ohio. The closest warrant served in our area was in the Wood County village of Grand Rapids. Officers seized antlers, deer meat, deer tags, and more from the home of Robert Mandon Freeworth.

Officials say some of the items seized were allegedly used in connection to the illegal sale of deer meat, improper use of landowner hunting tags, and hunting with the aid of a motor vehicle.

Charges are still being considered.

MORE: The Courier

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Lane Restrictions For Next Several Months In I-75 Construction Zone

3/14/16 – 4:55 A.M.

The I-75 widening project taking place between Hancock County Road 99 and Perrysburg will make the interstate noticeably more narrow for the next several months. ODOT says single lane restrictions are possible on that stretch of interstate between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. through November.

11-foot lane restrictions will be in place from Road 99 in Findlay to Route 20 in Perrysburg through December. There will also be 11-foot restrictions on the entrance and exit ramps to Cygnet Road through July.

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Monday Interview – The Zika Virus, An Overview

3/14/2016 – 4:00 am

It’s been in the news quite a bit recently, but how much is really known? The Zika virus has been making waves as a disease that only recently has begun to make inroads into the United States. Dr. Melissa Anderson, Professor of Biology at the University of Findlay says that the Zika virus is transmitted primarily by mosquitoes.

Audio: Dr. Melissa Anderson

Zika is a warm climate virus, originating in South and Central America. Dr. Anderson notes that around 80% of individuals affected by Zika show no symptoms of the virus, and those that do may mistake the symptoms for other illnesses.

Audio: Dr. Melissa Anderson

In order to prevent infection, the best thing to do would be to protect yourself as you would protect yourself normally from mosquito bites. Using sprays and wearing long sleeve shirts where possible to prevent the spread of the disease. Dr. Anderson notes though that Zika has been known to be transmitted sexually which is why it’s important to protect yourself when having sex.

Audio: Dr. Melissa Anderson

Dr. Anderson notes that thus far, Zika has been shown to be transmitted from males to females sexually but not the other way around. Given this, and though it’s symptoms mimic that of other illnesses, such as flu, Zika can cause birth defects in pregnant women.

Audio: Dr. Melissa Anderson

Dr. Anderson said that it’s best to be aware of where you are traveling, knowing that if you experience flu-like symptoms after returning from South or Central America, you may want to check for Zika. The Centers For Disease Control has been researching and investigating Zika, and more information about the virus can be found on their websites. To hear the complete interview with Dr. Anderson, visit our Soundcloud Page below.

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Wyden Named New UF Vice President Of Business Affairs

3/11/2016 – 3:36 pm

The University of Findlay announced this afternoon that Leon L. Wyden Jr. has been named as the new University of Findlay Vice President for Busines Affairs. He replaces Marty Terry who retired in February.

Wyden has been the president for finance and administration, treasurer and assistant secretary at Tiffin University since 2012. At UF, he will be responsible for the management of all activities related to UF’s financial system and will oversee the business office, bookstore, print shop, postal services, physical plant, facilities and the All-Hazards Training Center.

Wyden will start in his new role in May.

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