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VIDEO: UF Files Defense In Civil Suit

3/3/16 – 12:00 P.M.

The University of Findlay has filed a defense against a civil lawsuit levied against the school last year. Unsurprisingly, the school is denying the majority of the claims in the suit filed by Alphonso Baity and Justin Browning. The former student-athletes were expelled from the school after a female student claimed the two sexually assaulted her following a party in October of 2014.

In documents filed with the US District Court in Toledo on February 22, UF denied any wrongdoing during their investigation of the assault claim. The school denies basing their decision to expel Baity and Browning based on their race. The filing also says the female student, listed only as “M.K.” in the documents, was incapable of consenting to sex at the time of the incident.

The original lawsuit filed by Baity and Browning says a video of the incident exists, but the defense for UF says no video was ever produced during their investigation. The defense filing also says the video was taken without “M.K’s” consent.

Another point of contention in the defense deals with “M.K.” allegedly bragging about the encounter to witnesses, including her R.A. The defense filing says the R.A. never spoke to the accuser about the incident.

The school also denies the investigation only took 24 hours.

The suit filed by Browning and Baity seeks damages from the University on 10 charges, including alleged gender and racial discrimination, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and violation of due process. It seeks $75,000 in damages on each charge for both Browning and Baity.

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ODOT Moving To Revamp Findlay Corridor Of I-75

2/29/2016 – 2:56 pm

Photo Caption: The proposed changes to the I-75 and US 15/68 interchange in Findlay. Construction could start in the Spring of 2018.

Major changes coming to I-75 through Findlay in the next couple of years which will greatly impact the way traffic moves through the community. Speaking at the Findlay Rotary Club Monday, Kirk Slusher, Deputy Director of ODOT District 1 said that in addition to increasing the interstate to three lanes through Findlay, a major reconstruction project will reconfigure the I-75 interchange at US 15/68.

Audio: Kirk Slusher

Slusher says that the addition of this ramp will help to cut way down on the number of crashes at that interchange. Additionally, Slusher says that the entrance from Lima Avenue onto the interchange will be redesigned as well to incorporate roundabouts to help keep traffic moving while increasing safety through the interchange. Construction is set to begin in the Spring of 2018 and initial estimates have the project at around $130 million.

While this project and others are going on, Slusher noted that the state has the freedom now to work with varible speed limits which will limit the speed of traffic through construction zones while workers are on site. He said that the speed limits will be posted on digital signs.

Audio: Kirk Slusher

Slusher said that this summer during a concrete repair project on I-75 from State Route 235 north around four and a half miles, there will be variable speeds posted and when that happens drivers need to be aware of the changing speed limits.

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Sunday Night Crash Closed U.S. 68 Near Kenton

2/15/16 – 6:48 A.M.

A car and semi collided on U.S. 68 north of Kenton Sunday night, closing the highway for nearly two hours. WKTN radio reports the crash was first reported around 8:20 p.m. north of the city, between Hardin County roads 50 and 60. Traffic was diverted around the scene until just after 10 p.m.

No injuries were reported. No other details were immediately available.

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Kenton Police Officer Returns Home

2/9/16 – 5:14 A.M.

The Kenton police officer who was shot during a weekend police chase is out of the hospital. The Lima News reports Skyler Newfer returned home Monday. Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart says the Newfer is doing fine.

Newfer was shot twice as he tried to take cover when 47-year-old Steve Davis allegedly opened fire on officers during a Saturday afternoon police chase. Davis stopped to fire shots at officers several times during the chase, and he was shot several times when police returned fire. He eventually crashed and was found dead in his car.

The incident remains under investigation.

MORE: Lima News

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Ag Talk: Warm Winter Could Lead To Dry Spring Weather

2/3/2016 – 3:36 pm

While many people have taken advantage of the warm weather over the last few days, some have questioned if the weather has been abnormally warm. Ed Lentz from the Hancock Extension Office says however that weather patterns are where they should traditionally be for this time of the year. However, meteorologists are studying a pattern of warm weather developing over the oceans called “El Nino” which may be contributing to the warm temperatures.

Audio: Ed Lentz

Lentz notes one of the reasons this winter has seemed unusually warm is because the past two winters have seen unseasonably bitter cold temperatures. However, Lentz notes that this change in weather patters through “El Nino” conditions can adversely affect weather conditions in the area, and specifically affect area farmers.

Audio: Ed Lentz

Lentz said that La Nina conditions can cause weather to be unseasonably dry in the Spring and the warm weather might also cause the winter wheat crops to mature earlier than expected. Lentz said that weather predictions for the remainder of February look decent and some ideal wet conditions are expected by March.

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