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Contracts Closed Out For Hancock County Garage

3/5/15 – 10:12 A.M.

At long last the Hancock County engineer’s Garage is officially complete. Hancock County Commissioner Brian Robertson says all contracts have been closed…

Audio: Brian Robertson

Robertson says it’s nice to have everything wrapped up and the employees in a great facility to support their efforts in the county.

He added the new garage sets the county up well for the present, and the future…

Audio: Brian Robertson

Robertson says all materials are saved digitally so that they can easily be looked up.

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Six Month Anniversary of Toledo Water Crisis Spurs Reflection

02/04/15     12:35 p.m.

It has been six months since the City of Toledo suffered three days without tap water during a harmful algal bloom on Lake Erie. Since then, officials have been working to figure out how to prevent blooms or at least warn citizens earlier.

Former Toledo Councilman Frank Szollosi, now the Great Lakes Regional Outreach Manager for the National Wildlife Federation, said lake health has been decreasing over the last decade due to phosphorous runoff, particularly in the spring.

Audio: Frank Szollosi

Although many in the agriculture community have volunteered to do their part, Szollosi said the problem will not be solved without political action.

Audio: Frank Szollosi

Szollosi said if we achieve the 40 percent reduction, we would see results as soon as next season because of the quick water filtering in the shallow western basin of Lake Erie.

Toledo officials are also partnering with the University of Toledo, Heidelberg University and The Ohio State University to implement and early detection system for the 2015 algal bloom season in hopes of preventing citizens from scrambling to find water.

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Findlay Looks To Replace Police Cars And Fire Truck

1/14/15 – 5:08 A.M.

The city of Findlay is looking to upgrade its fleet of safety service vehicles. City council will vote on buying new police cars and a new fire engine at its January 20 meeting. The cost for seven new police vehicles will be a little less than $233,500. A new fire truck could cost $580,000.

Service-Service Director Paul Schmelzer wants to move forward with the project as quickly as possible. He says the sooner the city makes its bids, the more cost-effective it can be.

The new police cars would replace four patrol cars and three detective cars. The fire department would replace Engine 4, which is a 1997 model pumper truck.

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