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April 156:37pmIndians vs. Detroit (POSTPONED)
April 166:37pmIndians vs. Detroit
April 1712:37pmIndians vs. Detroit
April 186:37pmToronto vs. Indians
April 199amBuckeye Sportsman listenlivesports
10amRacing World listenlivesports
12:37pmToronto vs. Indians
6:30pmColumbus Blue Jackets vs. Pittsburgh
(Eastern Conference quarterfinals-Game2)
April 2012:37pmToronto vs. Indians
April 216:37pmKansas City vs. Indians
April 226:37pmKansas City vs. Indians
April 236:37pmKansas City vs. Indians
April 2411:37amKansas City vs. Indians
April 259:37pmIndians vs. San Francisco
April 269amBuckeye Sportsman listenlivesports
10amRacing World listenlivesports
3:37pmIndians vs. San Francisco
April 273:37pmIndians vs. San Francisco
April 289:37pmIndians vs. Los Angeles Angels
April 299:37pmIndians vs. Los Angeles Angels
April 306:37pmIndians vs. Los Angeles Angels

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All games/events are broadcast live unless noted.

Schedule subject to change.