Grant Cuts Affect Court Budget

7/24/17 – 5:13 A.M.

Cuts to state grants will have a major impact on the Hancock County Common Pleas Court. The Courier reports nearly 60 percent of the common pleas court budget comes from state grants. Under the new Ohio budget the court is facing a 10 percent budget cut this year and next year. It’s also looking at a 20 percent increase in workload.

Court officials tell the newspaper the cuts amount to more than $114,000. Cuts will affect the court’s pretrial budget, intensive supervision, and the drug court. Court administrator Kim Switzer says the cutbacks will affect personnel.

Switzer says there’s a chance the county can reapply for money from the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections to get some money back, but adds that’s “still up in the air.” For now it looks like the court will either ask the commissioners for more money or cut staff.

The judges will make a final decision in September.

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