AEP And Hancock-Wood Working To Settle Dispute

6/21/17 – 5:20 A.M.

A dispute between two electric providers in Hancock County appears to be over. The Courier reports representatives from the Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative and AEP asked Findlay City Council not to take action on legislation to resolve the issue. Co-op CEO George Walton said, “We think we are going to be able to come to a tentative agreement.”

At issue is the future Campbell Soup Supply warehouse on Findlay’s north side. 70 percent of the warehouse site is in Hancock-Wood’s territory. However, Findlay will annex the property into the city, putting it in AEP’s territory. In the past AEP would trade Hancock-Wood a similar electrical load in the city, but they didn’t do that with a Rowmark plant on Hamlet Drive last year.

The companies didn’t give specific details on any potential agreement.

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