AMA Closing Studio, Programming Will Continue Offsite

Awakening Minds Art has announced the closing of their studio on Main Street in downtown Findlay.

They say when the pandemic hit they lost all of their income streams and just like countless other organizations has had to make some very tough decisions.

While their studio is closing, they will still be providing most of their services offsite at their home offices and vehicles.

“This is not new to us, this is how Awakening Minds Art started,” said founder and executive director Sarah Crisp.

“Driving to facilities and agencies and making it work that way, so we’re going back to the basics.”

Crisp said eliminating the overhead of their studio allows them to better weather the economic storm the pandemic has created.

She says fundraising is still critical and that’s the only way they’ll survive.

“For more than 11 years, our organization has changed lives through the arts. We are counting on you to help us continue our legacy.”

And she reiterates, that even though their studio is closing, they will still be providing many services, in nursing homes, schools when they start back up, at agencies and at dayhab facilities.

“Our very mission-focused programming will continue as it did before.”