Anhydrous Ammonia Safety

You may have noticed them on the road already this spring. Presurized tanks labeled Anhydrous Amonia. The product inside is a boon to farmers, but that benefit comes with its hazards, as well.

OSU Extension Agent, Ed Lentz says “It’s a nitrogen fertilizer. It’s the most concentrated nitrogen. When properly applied and itilized, it has the least amount of it lost from a field and going into our water. But we have the other side of it. It is one of the more hazardous products that we handle and if we don’t do things correctly, it can create a health and safety factor for the people applying it and the people around it.”

Anhydrous Amonia is a dangerous substance when not controlled. If you see one of these tanks overturned or a large cloud of vapor, go the other way and call for emergency services. The product can cause respiratory irritation, and in high enough concentrations, permanent injury, and death.