Another Single Day Record For New COVID Cases In Ohio

As COVID cases rise across the state, Hancock and Putnam County stayed at their previous levels on the latest COVID-19 alert map that was released on Thursday.

Hancock County remained at level 2, or the orange level, while Putnam County is still at level 3, or the red level.

Hancock and Putnam both are still labeled as a “high incidence” county.

The number of “red” counties has increased to 29, and Lucas County has returned to the red level.

The red level is defined as a county with very high exposure and spread of COVID-19.

A day after setting a record for new cases that record was broken again, with 2,178 cases reported statewide on Thursday.

Governor DeWine says local health department officials say schools are doing a good job but they are seeing a rise in cases from social gatherings.

The governor says health officials are seeing fewer people wearing a mask when they’re out.

“These are not times to be complacent or comfortable. It is the time to be vigilant to protect yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbors,” DeWine said.