Appleseed EMS Needs Volunteers

The Appleseed EMS is looking for a few good volunteers. The Courier reports the volunteer emergency medical service has seen numbers decline over the last several years. As a result, they worry about what that means for people in the areas of Jenera and Arlington, as well as the townships of Van Buren, Madison, and part of Eagle Township.

Appleseed EMS chief Todd Richard tells the newspaper there are times he doesn’t have enough people to respond to a run. That means Hanco EMS in Findlay has to respond, from a further distance. That, in turn, means thinning out Hanco’s coverage in Findlay.

Lorrie Dymond is a public safety program coordinator at Vanguard Sentinel Career Center in Fremont, which offers emergency medical technician classes. She says it’s difficult to find people to get the training and keep up their certifications. Richard says his department will pay for the training.

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