Appropriations Meeting Grew Heated In Findlay

06/28/17 – 6:24 P.M.

Tempers flared at an appropriations meeting for Findlay City Council on Wednesday. Councilman Jeff Wobser said that meeting was called so that they could get clarification on the safety director position.

Jeff Wobser

Councilwoman Holly Frische wanted to know the reasons behind the salary amount and why the position was full time.She argued that council should have looked into this more in depth. Frische also argued that the position could be part time.

Wobser agreed with Frische saying that council has a fiduciary responsibility to look at the money. However, he thought that Mayor Mihalik and Safety Director Paul Schmelzer validated the reasons well, as did the other members of councilthat were present.

Frische also said that council should be aware of any employees with outside jobs and what those employees do. Paul Schmelzer also works as a consultor and she said that there could be a conflict of interest.

Councilman John Harrington said that council shouldn’t have to know about outside jobs. Many members at the meeting also disagreed saying that there are codes of ethics in place for this. Wobser said that he doesn’t have a problem with city employees having outside jobs as long as they do so ethically.

Some members of the appropriation committee were bothered by Schmelzer working between 30-40 hours rather than a full 40 hour week. Councilman Tim Watson said that this should be looked at more. However, the salary ordinance says a full-time job is between 30 and 40 hours.

Councilman Ron Monday brought the group under control twice as tempers continued to flare during the conversation.

The ordinance will go before city council next Wednesday.