“Are You Doing All You Can To Stop This?”, Governor Asks Ohioans

In the Saturday coronavirus update from Ohio officials, the state’s health director, Dr. Amy Acton, said there’s a fallacy out there that middle America isn’t being impacted.

She says we’re a state of 11 million people and everything points to the fact that there was an early seeding of coronavirus in Ohio.

The doctor points out that the daily statistics are a snapshot of the past.

“I sometimes feel that I am in a warzone, going to war, and coming home – and not understanding why everyone at home doesn’t see what I see.”

Governor DeWine on Saturday said he asks himself every night if he’s doing everything he can to defeat this enemy.

“And I would ask all of you to ask yourselves the same thing – are you doing everything you can to stop this?”

As of Saturday afternoon there were 247 confirmed cases of coronavirus in 33 Ohio counties and three deaths.

Lucas County has four cases and one death. There was one case in Defiance County.

A testing center opened at Blanchard Valley Hospital last Thursday. (pictured above)

People experiencing coronavirus symptoms of shortness of breath, cough, fever of 100.4 or higher and fatigue should call the Blanchard Valley Hospital COVID-19 testing center at 419-423-7890.

In Hancock County, people call also call 419 425 9999 for local coronavirus information.