Area “Abnormally Dry,” Crops Still OK

The lack of rain is starting to affect local farmers. Ed Lentz, Hancock County Ag Educator for the Ohio State Universoty Extension says both corn and soybean crops are doing OK…for now.

“Going into the cropping season we had very good sub-soil moisture. Since it was a little dry when we planted, our roots are deeper and that’s what they’re living off of now. They’re going down and tapping into that,” Lentz says.

According to the USDA, as of this week, parts of 53 of Ohios 88 counties are abnormally dry, with 22 of those entirely in the category. Find a map of the affected areas at

While lack of moisture is a challenge for local farmers, it could certainly be worse. Parts of 11 states are experiencing severe or extreme drought conditions. All are west of the Mississippi River.