Area School Face Funding Cuts In Coming Years

8/4/17 – 5:01 A.M.

Area school districts stand to lose money as the state phases out a personal property tax reimbursement. The Courier reports while Ohio is increasing its base funding for some districts, it won’t offset the loss of the reimbursement in most cases. For instance, the Findlay City School District will lose $2.7 million in the phase out between 2018 and 2021. The base funding from the state will increase by a little more than $160,000 at the same time.

Van Buren Treasurer Alex Binger says their district is in the same boat. The base funding in Van Buren will go up by more than $184,000. The district is losing more than $202,000 in reimbursement funding during the same two year period.

Liberty-Benton Treasurer Lisa Dobbins says the district will lose some money in the transition, but not as much as others. Several districts in Hancock County received their final reimbursement payments before this year.

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