Area Teachers Have Many Thoughts On Carrying Guns In School

3/2/18 – 5:15 A.M.

Area teachers have many thoughts when it comes to carrying weapons in the classroom. The Courier recently reached out to teachers in our region to get their thoughts on the issue. While only 17 people responded to a request for comment, their thoughts covered a lot of ground.

Of those who responded, the majority said they did not want to have a weapon at work. A few of the teachers said they would like to have a way to fight back against a potential school shooter.

Many had mixed feelings on the issue. Donnell Middle School special education teacher Lauren Parriott told the newspaper carrying a weapon at all times wasn’t what she signed up for. She added that in an active shooter situation, “it is the first thing I’d wish that I had.” She said ultimately she wouldn’t want it added to her job description.

The teachers who responded to the survey said they had concerns about law enforcement confusing teachers with guns for shooters. Others said they had fears about students getting caught in a crossfire.

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