Area Waterways Continue To Run High

2/20/18 – 4:57 A.M.
UPDATE – 6:46 A.M. (Revised predictions)
UPDATE – 11:28 A.M. (Revised predictions)

Area waterways are still running high, but it looks like we might avoid any large-scale flooding. The National Weather Service now says the Blanchard River will stay about a foot below flood stage. The latest forecast calls for the river to remain in action stage through Friday before falling. Long-term forecast models still show a slight chance of minor flooding early next week.
The latest forecast now calls for the Blanchard River to stay below flood stage this week in Ottawa. The National Weather Service says the river will crest around 22.7 feet Wednesday morning. Flood stage starts at 23 feet. The river will run in the action stage for the rest of the week.
More rain later today could cause Eagle Creek to return to action stage tomorrow morning.

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