Arlington Students Learn From Local Vietnam And WWII Veterans

1/11/18 – 5:08 A.M.

Eighth-grade students in Arlington got some perspective from a pair of local veterans Wednesday. The Courier reports Vietnam veteran Jon Treece and World War II veteran Tom Daley talked to the students about their experiences during their wars, and their lives afterward.

Treece told the class he enlisted in the Army so he could pick what he was going to do, rather than have the Army pick for him. He went to Advanced Individual Training and Officer Candidate School and was a platoon leader for most of his time in Vietnam.

Daley talked about his experiences on the B-17 Flying Fortress on bombing raids over Germany. Daley added that the war didn’t really affect him mentally. He said he was happy to get home and go out dancing with girls again.

Tina Hiller’s eighth-grade students have read two historical fiction novels set during World War II as part of the “wounds of war” project.

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