Findlay Assisted Living Facility Closing

The remaining residents of Fox Run of Findlay Assisted Living are having to find other living arrangements.

The Ohio Department of Health said the 13 residents have to move out due to health and safety concerns with the facility.

The Ohio Department of Health said it has been monitoring the facility for the past year for lack of performance and fiscal responsibility.

Owner Nick McDevitt says the facility encountered staffing issues during the pandemic and lost its license with the state and many residents left.

However, some stayed, electing to pay out of pocket.

But now, after the power was shut off in common areas due to lack of payment, the Department of Health says the remaining residents must leave.

Nick says finding the residents a new facility is the most important thing right now and most already have something lined up.



Representatives with the Ohio Department of Aging are at the facility assisting residents through this stressful situation.

Nick said going forward he doesn’t think it’s going to work out to have him remain as the owner of the facility.

He said he’s been in talks with other people in the industry to have them come in and take over the facility.