Attorney General Wants You To Avoid Scams Following Heavy Storms And Flooding

07/18/17 – 10:15 A.M.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine warned consumers to be wary of scams following the storms that hit the area. He said that with the damage caused by the storms and the flood, scammers will start going door to door. A big issue is storm chasing contractors. These con-artists usually show up after storms and will have no reputation or a poor one. They request money up front or they will ask you to sign over an insurance check.

DeWine said that it is easy to avoid this issue though. DeWine said that you should research contractors before hiring them and get multiple estimates.


DeWine added that flood damaged cars are often put on that market following a large flood. You can help protect yourself by checking vehicle history reports and having an independent mechanic look at the car. This will help you determine what happened to the car before it was up forsale.

If you need help or want to report a scam you can contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at