Autoliv Reaches Deal With Port Authority, Won’t Pay Sales Tax On Construction Of New Building

12/19/17 – 11:01 A.M.

Autoliv Nissin Brake Systems America won’t have to pay taxes for the construction of its new building in Findlay. The Courier reports the Blanchard Valley Port Authority has agreed to build the 194,400 square foot facility at the southwest corner of Bigelow Avenue and Bright Road. As a government agency, the port authority doesn’t have to pay sales tax on construction material.

Autoliv will lease the $14 million building for five years. After that, the company will buy it from the port authority for $10,000.

A consultant for the agency believes the move will save Autoliv Nissin around $342,000 in tax savings. Autoliv will pay the port authority $65,000 in January for setting up the deal.