Autopsy Results Released In Death Of 17-Month-Old Child

4/25/19 – 4:59 A.M.

The autopsy report from the death of a 17-month-old child shows he died from what’s called a “closed head injury.” The Courier received a copy of the report Wednesday. It shows that Osiris Walters suffered a blow to the head, or a violent head movement on June 19th of 2018. Osiris died from his injuries on July 4th at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

The autopsy also showed brain swelling and hemorrhages around the left and right optic nerves.

In the meantime, the search continues for the suspect in Walters’ death. The Hancock County grand jury indicted Jonathan Suber on a murder charge this week. He has a Fostoria address, but police don’t believe he is in the area.

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