Baby Jesus Stolen From Church Nativity In Arlington

The Arlington United Methodist Church says their Baby Jesus was stolen from their Nativity outside their church on Main Street in Arlington.

“We’re asking for his return, and we have a lot of people looking for him,” said Pastor Mark Gregory.

Pastor Gregory says their new manger scene was kind of expensive and purchased with memorial gifts in honor of departed members of the community.

He says whoever took Baby Jesus can return him, no questions asked.

“We’re not looking to prosecute anyone or anything like that, if somebody has it they can return it to the church and go on their way.”

Pastor Gregory is taking the theft in stride, saying in a Facebook post that “We would love to offer you Jesus, however in a more personal and meaningful way.”

“If you happen to be in possession of our Baby Jesus, you can return Him no questions asked.”

“And if you can do it soon, please do… The Wise Men are on their way, and it was kinda a long trip.”

Click here for the church’s website and their number is 419-365-7004.