Big Drop In New COVID Cases In Hancock County

The number of new COVID cases went down drastically in the latest numbers from Hancock Public Health.

Hancock Public Health is reporting 31 new cases, seven new hospitalizations and 11 new deaths for the week of February 18th through February 25th.

The health department says those 11 reported deaths may have been delayed, and is waiting confirmation from the state.

The previous week those numbers were 94 new cases, eight new hospitalizations and three new deaths.

Hancock County is averaging around 4 new cases per day and cases per 100,000 is 48.8.

The previous week the county was averaging 13 new cases per day and cases per 100,000 was 150.

Community transmission in Hancock County was lowered to “moderate” from “high” as defined by the CDC.

49.7 percent of eligible residents are fully vaccinated while 53.5 percent of eligible residents have started the vaccine.

1,090 Hancock County residents have been hospitalized with COVID since the beginning of the pandemic and 262 have died.