Blanchard Valley Health System Installs New Beds

As part of its commitment to improving patient safety and comfort, Blanchard Valley Health System says it has replaced 78 of the inpatient beds at the main campus with new units that use the most innovative technology available in the healthcare industry.

BVHS says the new beds are designed to prevent falls in several ways. The fall alarms on these beds will sense when a patient has shifted to lie on their side. Older alarm systems often perceived the shifting weight as the patient leaving the bed – thus triggering a false alarm.

Additionally, an alert notifies the care team if the side rails have been left down or the alarm has not been activated. The mattress design also helps prevent pressure ulcers from forming. These tools make it easier for associates caring for a patient to turn the patient or help them stand.

As well as these safety features, the new beds also were designed with greater comfort in mind. The mattresses contain gel, replacing foam mattresses that were more susceptible to wearing down over time. The new ones are firm, yet cushioned and comfortable, and will provide patients with greater comfort for a long time to come. The beds can also be extended further in length, making it easier for patients to use and charge smartphones right from their beds.

“We’re excited to be upgrading our beds to ones that are more comfortable and safer for patients,” said Jessica Moore, director of inpatient nursing. “We know it can be difficult to be in the hospital, and we’re committed to ensuring our patients’ comfort and reducing any further stresses. Blanchard Valley Health System has always been committed to safety, but now, the newest technology allows us to employ even greater safeguards. The new beds are part of a years-long campaign prioritizing safety measures at the hospital.”

BVHS has donated its old beds to the University of Findlay, Owens Community College and Millstream Career Center for use in their health professions classes. This ensures that the community benefits and that the next generation of healthcare professionals will be well on their way in their careers with tools that help them better hone their skills.

The new beds have been placed in areas throughout the hospital, including the fifth and sixth floors and the cardiac care unit. BVHS plans to purchase additional beds in 2023.