Businesses Look To Quickly Recover Following Sunday Storm

11/7/17 – 5:06 A.M.

Businesses along Trenton Avenue bore the brunt of Sunday’s severe weather, and at least one won’t reopen any time soon. Jeff Miller of Miller’s Meats tells the Courier it could take a month to get things back in order. Strong winds damaged the roof and heating and cooling system of the business. Rain also got into the freezer and cooler, forcing Miller to throw out meat and other food. He tells the newspaper his losses could add up to around $75,000.

Other businesses plan to open up sooner. Advanced Auto Parts general manager Mike Trumpy told the newspaper they plan to reopen today. Debris from a nearby vacant mobile home damaged the roof of the auto supply store. The wind ripped the facade off the front of Ralphies, but the owners hope to reopen in time for Thursday night football.

Winds pushed in the front wall and windows at Ger Mongolian Grill on Trenton Avenue, causing minor injuries to a manager. The owners tell the Courier they hope to be back up and running within the week.

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