Busy Roadway Reopens Following Flood Mitigation Project

The Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway overpass in Findlay has reopened following a flood mitigation project.

The city held a ribbon-cutting Wednesday afternoon to celebrate the completion of the project. The roadway actually reopened at around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon.

The overpass had been closed since June for a project that raised two intersections and a portion of the roadway so they don’t flood.

We spoke with Mayor Christina Muryn and city engineer Jeremy Kalb after the ribbon cutting ceremony. That video is below.

The intersection of East Main Cross Street and East Street closed on Monday, July 26th.

In June, Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway closed for the first half of the project.

The first part of the project involved the raising of Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway from the MLK bridge to Blanchard Street, including the Clinton Court intersection, and building a new super- elevation turn that ties in to Blanchard Street. The Clinton Court/MLK intersection was raised about 4 1/2 feet.

The second half of the project raised the East Main Cross/East Street intersection by about three feet.

Findlay City Engineer Jeremy Kalb says the project will ensure that when we get the next really bad flood, the intersection will not get covered with water, and emergency vehicles will still be able to utilize the roadway.

Traffic signals were also upgraded as part of the project.