BVC Paints Intersection For Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Blanchard Valley Center painted up the intersection of Sandusky Street and Main Street in Findlay to bring awareness to March being Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

The painting was originally going to be the BVC logo but the windy conditions took out the stencil they were going to use so they had to improvise and paint something freehand.

The BVC’s Nadine Weininger says they decided to paint #DD Month 2021 and BVC in big letters.

She says people with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to live prosperous lives when they have the support they need, and that’s where BVC comes in.

“Think inclusion when you think of BVC.”

She says their goal is to support individuals with developmental disabilities in Hancock County and to bring awareness to all the capabilities they have.

(picture courtesy of Flag City Drone and Blanchard Valley Center)