BVH Getting New Inpatient & Community Pharmacy

Blanchard Valley Health System has announced the construction of a new inpatient and community pharmacy at Blanchard Valley Hospital.

Full details are in the following news release from BVHS.


The Blanchard Valley Hospital (BVH) inpatient pharmacy, along with the Center for Medication Management, the outpatient pharmacy for our community members, are currently under construction. They are being moved to a more convenient location within BVH, located at 1900 South Main Street in Findlay, on the main floor adjacent to the Healing Grounds coffee shop. The innovative project will offer more convenience to customers as well as additional services.

“This project aligns with our mission of ‘Caring for a lifetime.’ We strive to bring the very best service and quality to our community, and the new state-of-the-art pharmacy will keep the program strong long into the future,” said Myron D. Lewis, president and chief executive officer of BVHS.

BVHS associates also had the opportunity to provide input into the development of the layout and design of the pharmacy. The team, comprised of subject matter experts from across the health system, used a mock 3D layout to evaluate workflow and processes.

“This has been part of our long-term space planning efforts,” shared Ryan Shoemaker, the director of facility and support services. “Patients will begin to see the construction mobilize on-site and the new pharmacy should be operational by fall.”

Another part of the innovative project will be sizeable sterile compounding rooms for hazardous and non-hazardous medications. As regulations for pharmacies have changed, the way medications need to be handled have also changed. The new compounding rooms will allow for best practices.

“We look forward to the opportunities the new pharmacy will bring to BVHS,” concluded Mark Johannigman, the director of pharmacy. “We hope this new venture will improve quality and service for both associates and patients when they visit the Center for Medication Management and BVH inpatient pharmacy.”

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