BVHS Officials Discuss Response To Rise In COVID Cases

Blanchard Valley Health System President & CEO Scott Malaney and Vice President of Special Projects Dr. William Kose recently discussed the health system’s response to the rise in COVID cases and answered some questions from the community. (video below)

Q) Are positive COVID patients being transferred out of Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS), to other hospitals?

A) Malaney “In general, no. However, in a very specific situation we had a total of four patients transferred to Wood County Hospital, due to some construction at BVH to create more negative pressure rooms. This was in the best interests of the patient at the time. It was a unique situation. We expect to keep all patients within our health system now that renovations have been completed. The intensivists who take care of patients here are the same who would care for them at Wood County Hospital. But in general, no we are continuing to care for patients here at BVHS.”

Q) What is the current hospital census?

A) Kose “The hospital census is close to 137 patients. Blanchard Valley Hospital is licensed for 150 beds, but this includes psychiatric and obstetrics beds, and obstetrics beds are licensed specifically for obstetrics patients.”

Q) Are elective procedures still taking place?

A) Kose “Yes. Our plan is to continue with elective surgeries as normal this week. While these surgeries are elective, meaning we have a few days to schedule them out, they are often very important procedures such as bowel obstructions or removing a tumor that we would prefer to not postpone. Patients who have an upcoming elective procedure should expect to receive a call the night before to either confirm the procedure or be informed that it will be postponed.”

Q) Will physician offices be closed over the holiday weekend?

A) Malaney “It depends. If you need to reach your provider, we would suggest you to please try calling their office first. However, our Physicians Plus Urgent Care and the emergency departments at Blanchard Valley Hospital and Bluffton Hospital will remain open throughout the holiday.”

Q) How can the community help support the hospital at this time?

A) Kose “The general public can help us out at the hospital but protecting themselves. Please continue to wash your hands, wear a mask and socially distance. For the holiday, avoid contact with people you do not know and large group gatherings. This virus is highly contagious, and it is best if people take all precautions to avoid getting and spreading COVID.”

Malaney “We also have many employment opportunities available at BVHS, for both clinical and non-clinical roles. People interested in applying should visit and click on “careers” to see all positions we have available.”

Q) Can the community provide donations or food to the frontline healthcare workers?

A) Kose “Support Our Healthcare Heroes” is a new program that has been launched at Blanchard Valley Health System at the request of the community. Meals will be scheduled across all hospital locations for the extraordinary physicians, nurses and support staff that are caring for patients during this COVID-19 pandemic. Donations will be matched by local businessman, Duane Jebbett and his wife, Kathy, up to $10,000.”

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