City Issues Reminder About Yard Sign Rules

The City of Findlay is reminding residents of the city’s yard sign regulations as spring settles in and yard signs become more prevalent.

The city says signs are prohibited in the public right-of-way.

This pertains to advertisements for businesses, non-profits, political signs, etc.

Typically, a right-of-way is located between the street and sidewalk.

If the right-of-way contains no sidewalk, then the right-of-way extends about 16 feet from the street pavement edge.

Signs should be placed behind telephone poles, in farm fields, or behind sidewalks.

Signs should not be positioned in the area between the curb and the sidewalk on roads with curbs or in front of telephone phones.

Signs can be placed on private property only with the consent of the property owner and in compliance with municipal or township ordinances, when applicable.

Any sign found in the right-of-way will be removed by the city and stored at 224 West Crawford Street for 30 days.

People with a question can contact the City’s Zoning Department at 419-424-7108.

City of Findlay Codified Ordinances: 1161.12.3 (B) Unless with Council approval, no sign shall be placed within the public right-of-way of any public street. Within the C-3 district, temporary signs are permitted in the right of way. Permanent signs within the C-3 district must be approved by City Council.