City Of Findlay Announces Annexation Plan

The City of Findlay will be contacting the owners of approximately 400 parcels that have been identified for annexation into the City of Findlay corporation limits.

This includes properties that are surrounded by city corporation and have not previously been annexed, properties that are contiguous to the City of Findlay corporation limits, and/or properties that have an annexation agreement in place that the City would like to exercise.

Communication from the City will provide an overview of the proposed process for annexation, frequently asked questions, and contact information for questions.

Information showing the areas that will be contacted is on the City of Findlay website at along with the frequently asked questions.

The City is not currently proposing to annex large residential areas such as Hillcrest, Western Meadows, Forrest Lake, or Brickstone subdivisions.

The City is offering property owners that are interested in annexing but are not being contacted to submit letters of interest to the City to be included in this process.

Property owners interested in annexing are requested to submit their letter of interest (available on the City website) by March 1, 2023, but sooner is encouraged.

Since the City is initiating this process the City will be managing the process including the submission of all paperwork and covering all associated costs of surveying, filing fees, etc.

A public meeting is slated to be held on Thursday, February 16, 2023, at 6 p.m. in the Findlay City Council Chambers to go over the properties proposed to annex and answer questions.

“The City of Findlay team recognizes that annexation is a complex and important topic,” said Mayor Christina Muryn.



“We look forward to working with property owners to ensure that this is a collaborative process that assists property owners while cleaning up the City of Findlay corporation map and positioning the city for future development.”

Matt Cordonnier, Director, Hancock Regional Planning added, “Proactive annexation is a key part of community development and planning. Over the past few decades the City of Findlay has not ensured a clean municipal map which has caused a variety of problems specifically related to safety services and development. This process will allow the City of Findlay to work with property owners to easily annex into the City of Findlay.”

Click here for more, including an overview of the annexation areas and frequently asked questions.