City Of Findlay Updating Zoning Map

The City of Findlay is in the process of updating its zoning map that was adopted in 1956.

The city says the update is necessary to correct inconsistencies between the existing use of properties and their current zoning classification.

Those inconsistencies can cause limitations on property utilization and cost the owner time and money to get the property properly classified.

The city says the owner would often encounter such a zoning issue when selling or making changes to the property.

Findlay officials say the updates will affect about 7,000 parcels out of a total of 20,000 in the city.

The city sent out postcards to those 7,000 addresses explaining the need for the change.

The city points out that the proposed zoning change will not change the size of a property or change the property taxes.

The city says, in most cases, the change will not lower the property value, but in some cases it might.

Property owners may choose to opt-out of the proposed change.

The city recently held an online public meeting on the issue that you can watch below.