City Offers Annexation Update And Clarification

The City of Findlay sent letters out in January to approximately 400 properties to gauge their interest in annexing into the City of Findlay. The city says the original mailing caused some confusion for the residents. In order to help clarify the process, the City of Findlay is sending out a second mailing. The mailing includes a letter and map for clarification.

The two main points of clarification are:

1) At this time, the City of Findlay will not attempt to force annexation on previously executed annexation agreements. The City does not want to waste resources in court and does not feel it is appropriate to shut off water service. Therefore, if the property owner does not want to be annexed, the only way a property would be annexed is if the property is included in a cluster of properties in which the City of Findlay receives greater than 50% of property owners’ consent.

2) If a property does not currently have sidewalks, the property owner will be grandfathered in upon annexation and will not be forced to add them. However, if a property that the City identifies as benefiting the broader community with sidewalks (Bright Road), the City will install sidewalks at their expense.

The City of Findlay says it believes that annexation benefits a number of properties that were contacted, but understand that at this point property owners may not choose to participate.  For properties not interested in being annexed, no further action is required at this time. If you are interested in being annexed, sign and return the petition for annexation by May 1, 2023, if you have not already.

To date, the City of Findlay has received 45 letters from residents requesting annexation.

A map showing the number of responses from each area is available by clicking here.

For more information, visit the Annexation page by clicking here.