Cloth Masks No Longer Allowed At BVHS Facilities

Blanchard Valley Health System has made the decision to prohibit cloth masks in all of its facilities and locations.

BVHS says it now requires patients and visitors to wear a surgical mask or an N-95 mask, which will be provided upon entry.

“Mitigation strategies for COVID-19 include face coverings and N-95 and surgical masks are the most effective. When outside of BVHS, we encourage our community to also wear masks whenever appropriate. In these situations, cloth masks are better than no face covering,” explained Dr. Renee Smith, chief medical officer at BVHS.

“With the patient population in our facilities, we require the most effective measures. Therefore, cloth masks are prohibited.”

For more information about COVID-19 recommendations and up to date guidelines click here.

BVHS says appointments for COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots can be made by calling Hancock Public Health at 419-424-7441.